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  1. Muffled Snuffles
    Do you ever lie on the kitchen floor and pretend to be a breadcrumb?
  2. Long time LHD :awesome:

  3. Heeyyy, i'm chillin as per usual. Hope you're good as well x

    Haha, no actually I place them in 8/10 of the times.
    But for TSR's sake, yes i've been breaking some rules.

    And I need to ban myself again, so i'll talk to you after my exams are finished!
    Fingers-crossed hope that i'll do well!
  4. where do you study?
  5. of course , i d love to! a greek friend of mine will be studying at glasgow university political science and i will visit the city! i saw you are a celtic supporter! Celtic Park! I really wanted to study either in glasgow or in edinburgh. Both are beautiful , very beautiful cities, but finally i chose northumbria because i was put off by the fact that the unis in scotland are 4 years!
    I really really love Scottish people! they are more expansive than english!!

    Do you like Samaras?
  6. my friend nothing personal! i just read the thread quickly and when i saw them i just wanted to post! thank you for loving Greece. I really really like the Scottish people!! this September i will be studying in newcastle!! i promise my first trip will be in Edinburgh! its a fantastic city!
  7. Iron Lady
  8. Iron Lady
    What's VHD?
  9. Iron Lady

    It still shows your mentality.

    This isn't to start a raging debate, but what has drawn you to the socialist movement?
  10. Iron Lady
    Rules are rules.

    Rise Against Society
    joined: 18-07-2011

    Do you agree with the American Dream?

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