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  1. Thanks for the rep
  2. Hello, after some stalking on TSR saw that you had done AH stats and I was wondering if I could summon you to this thread
  3. Hey! Hope you don't mind a few questions about Merton? What subject are you reading? And do you like it there? I'm Scottish as well, and I'm slightly older than the average student but it seems a really nice college and there is a good work ethic. O
    I'm viewing it as a challenge and if I am offered an interview ill do my very best. Wait and see eh?

    Hope all is well with you!
  4. Glad to read that you have met your offer! Well done! :thumbsup:
  5. I know I asked you something similar earlier on the 2013 entry thread for oxford but here goes...

    You have an offer for Maths this year, yea? See, I want to study physics and I don't know wether to apply this year. This is mostly as no one from my school has ever went to Oxford and no one from my family has even went to uni: they think it's crazy that I might even go to St Andrews. I just don't want to come across as a smart arse, but then it seems so stupid not taking such a massive opportunity because of what people think, as this usually doesn't phase me. It's most 'cause people don't even contemplate applying to uni OUTSIDE of Scotland in my peer group cause of tuition fees...

    ANYWAY, moving on...

    You said you got AAAAB at Higher (well done btw): what is your offer in terms of adv higher?

    How did you prepare for the MAT and was the higher/advanced higher opposed to A-level thing a massive disadvantage to you? This interests me because of the PAT.

    Did you have exceptionally good Standard Grades?

    This is probably a stupid question because I don't even know if I'm applying, but how did you get to the interview (because it's obviously quite far) and do they offer accommodation at colleges?

    How do you justify paying the tuition fee? 'Cause £27k debt before loans is pretty considerable!

    What Scottish unis did you apply to and did you get unconditional offers with your (very good) highers?

    Sorry for the bombardment and all that... haha, but the maths and physics application process seem to be pretty similar AND you're a Scottish student. I'd really appreciate it if you answered my (excessive amount of) questions
  6. kkl
  7. Haha thats the same as "tutear" in Spanish...we all had to say to our external examiner "¿Podemos tutearnos?" (can we call each other tu?) :P
  8. I imagine I wasn't too hard to find . In case you were wondering, Chiringuito means Beach Bar in's my favourite word :P
  9. are you attending oxford? and I was trying to get some information on the web pages, but I can`t really find anything that I am looking for. if you can, you can just put a link on some web page that has some better informations about applying
  10. okay, thanks I am from croatia and I would like to apply for oxford but for the year 2013. can i get a scholarship if I am foreigner and I am not from eu?

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