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  1. funkydee
    Wait so your telling me my its already in the post X__X
    Lol I doubt mine will come tomorrow, post is never reliable
    Haha I wouldn't mind personally, but seriously it can't be that bad??
  2. funkydee
    Ahh I'm finally getting roundd to the massive pile of holiday work I've got!
    Its hard to decide between the two! Before I preferred UCL but I think I'm liking the idea of a non London uni cos I'll prob have to live 2nd or 3rd year at home!
    No offers (n) lol but unis haven't opened yet like sum time this week o_O Camb offers are being sent thurs so should hear between fri-mon. Offers/rej from other unis should start next week! If I don't get one before the end of the month I think I'll go crazy...
  3. funkydee
    lool true, i havent done nearly as much work as I should have though :/ fmaths isnt going well...
    Oh alright, well congrats again! Is UCL your 2nd choice?
    oh sounds goood! lol have fun! Hows longs it for?
  4. funkydee
    Hi there, lol happy new year + merry xmas!

    Lool march isn't too long considering I've been waiting since october.. And just hearing back from 1 before then will make me very happy

    Lool they are ppl and have families! Even if they are obsessed with their subjects

    What's the british bankers association? Oh I forgot to ask, what was ur UCL offer?
  5. Who said 3.141 had anything to do with pi.
    I just like that combination of numbers
  6. Moiraclaire
    noooooooooooooo you just applied to 5 amazing unis :L Eventuallly (like march tehehe) they will reply & I'm sure they'll love you, they're just slow....

    ahhhhhh I didn't really know that ? I thought some academics lived at university :L
    British Bankers Association hopefully ahhh no you don't your grades & A2-predictions are amazing, I stalked you muahhaha
  7. funkydee
    CONGRATS!!! , hmm im starting to fear my personal statement might have been pants
    dw you'll get the offer once you attend the open day!
    well unis are closing at the end of this week and will reopen about that time so i doubt it..
    ohh where do you have w/e at?
    Thanks, im gonna need the luck..
  8. funkydee
    ohh well as long as u get one of the other 3 its fine!
    Im really just wanna fast forward till March so i know which uni im going to!
    waa UCL have started giving out offers, looks like the 1st uni im gonna hear back from is Cambridge coming on tsr is depressing.
    naa im too lazy, im gonna try arranging some once Jan exams are out the way. wbu?
  9. funkydee
    I just think life would be so much easier if I get say LSE when applying for internships. And I wanna do a MSc in Financial Economics at either Oxford, LSE or Warwick!
    UCL and Nottingham haven't even started giving out econ offers!! Taking their time.,. I seriously can't wait till March. I'm hoping unis will just love the fact I do F Maths and give me an offer
    how comes u didn't apply LSE? I'm curious seeing as your also doing F Maths and have solid gcse's!
    Good luck with the rest of your application!
  10. funkydee
    lool well dw you managed it!
    well i got 7A* 3A and a B in French :/ stupid languages! so not as impressive..
    ahh you can only just wait and see, what college did you apply to?
    I think my Cambridge interview was alright, i dont really think about it too much as there's nothing i can do about it now.. just the anxious wait till jan!
    Congrats on the offers!! im on a grand total of ZERO. I applied Camb, LSE, UCL, Warwick and Nottingham.
    Really want one of the first 4 as i want to go into investment banking!

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