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  1. Ahaha you must know the pressure ur parents put on you XD Indian parents lool XD and yesh im indian :P Ahh UKCAT is actually lovely XD i cant remmber what i got in ukcat, it was like 715... i think XD
  2. Awh thankyou soo much! you did cheer me up I've decided to try and push myself into adjusment somehow XD I've managed to gain a place at Queens for biomed XD Buh my hearts still at medicine :P So what are your plans for this year?
  3. ...i just saw this, soo sorry!
  4. Dissection is good, you don't do as much on the cadaver as you expect first semester, more on prosections, which to be honest are more useful as it's easier to reposition part of a body, compared the whole thing! Pretty quickly everyone 'forgets' the cadaver is real, so no one is really grossed out or anything, it's great! You have anatomy every week, and we only actually dissected the cadaver 3 or 4 times in the semester, all the rest were prosections
  5. I go back to uni that day, before the dreaded exams! That's great, good luck for the interview!
  6. Awww nice! I heard that, bit weird, glad I didn't have the 7 stations! What date? Have you got/had any other interviews?
  7. hey! manchester is really good, just gotta revise for my January exams! hows re-applying going?
  8. Pm me your skype so I can add you
  9. Hello!
    Ah, thank you!! Well I'll keep posting!
    Good luck yourself!
  10. they combine your ucas and ukcat scores effectively, i was just below the cut off overall. 697.5 ukcat and i think i had 520 ucas but i cant remember exactly

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