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  1. Nice one !
  2. Yeah! I can't wait for the holidays!! Want to revise?

    If an amino acid had a pH of 3, which group would be present in it's structure? NH3 or COO-?
    What about an amino acid with a pH of 7?
  3. Hey, it was soso. Some tricky questions, but it was doable. You?
  4. oh yeah! if top and bottom have same power or top has higher than bottom one then u use long division and after that only u use partial fraction
  5. umm what do u mean?
  6. no u get 2+ 4/(2x+1)(2x-1)
    I know what u did. u added 2 and -2 but remember u subtract them so u get 4
  7. Yeaaah I found it alrite
  8. . What's your gender btw?
  9. You're very welcome, otrivine!
  10. Hi otrivine! You know that we can't discuss moderation matters in a public forum, so if you'd like clarification, could you please post in AAM?

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