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  1. Hey can u tell me what kind of questions u got asked in your interview ... also did u have any olympiad experience when u applying for cambridge .. your response will be grateful ..
  2. Haha, it's fine. Same! Even though I started packing forever ago I'm suddenly starting to panic a bit.

    Yeah, Earth Science is all rock/plate tectonics/ earthquakes/ volcanoes that sort of thing. Looks like there's quite a wide range of topics introduced. I'm not a major fan of mathematical physics. I think if I was a physicist I'd probably prefer being an experimental physicist. Just not the sort of Maths that I think I'd really enjoy.

    Well I studied Arabic 3/4 hours a week from age 7 - 10. I did French for about 6 years and Spanish for just under three. Never did any at GCSE/A-Level though. I was never bad at languages but at my school where I did my GCSE's the only choices were French and Arabic. I hated French and the Arabic teacher wasn't the best there and the other people doing the course were native speakers so... I've put Beginners Japanese down as my other module now. I got this book on Japanese scripts and have been going through that. I think it will be manageable. And well I like K-pop/J-pop and I find Japanese Culture really interesting and a place I've always wanted to visit so yeah.

    Yeah, I decided against Economics. Cannot be bothered to write essays, that's why I'm studying Maths! hahaha (For some part at least)

    I know! I'm having to drive down on Saturday now cause of family things so I'm having to stay somewhere else over night then moving in Sunday morning. Real exciting though!
  3. Oh cool. Collingwood looks like a really nice college. If I wasn't going to Aidan's it probably be my next choice. That's okay =) I need to get the motivation to do some more of them!

    Well I had decided on Statistics (LOVE IT!) and then Principles of Earth Science but I'm not too sure about Principles of Earth Science anymore. I think I'll enjoy it but I don't know if it will be useful at all in my future for what I want to do. I would have chosen the Data Analysis one but you can't do that AND Statistics. The first term is exactly the same for both though and I think you can change in 2nd term.

    I thought about the Introduction to Programming module but I'm scared I'll be like the only girl! Very stereotypical of me, I know, but probably true. I can read/write HTML but I'm not sure if I 'd be up for doing a whole module of it. Just sounds a bit daunting. Then I've thought about doing a language because I never did one at GCSE or Higher. I'd really like to learn something like Mandarin or Japanese. There's beginners modules in both of them and it be a good thing to have on your CV I guess. Although I need to pass these optional modules too so I'm scared that I'll be rubbish and really struggle. Or lastly, I'll do a Econ/Finance module. Looked at the Business Accounting & Finance module but I'm still not sure about it either "/ Too much choice!
  4. Hey, congrats to you too! I'm at St Aidan's, and yourself? Yeah, I've done about half of the easy (heart symbol) problems. Trying to pace myself a little bit cause there's still like three weeks till we start.
  5. thanks for the spicemen helped #area of sphere
  6. Thanks
  7. Are you one of those crazily clever people when it comes to Maths? I know someone who is at Robinson College now and you can ask him any kind of mathematical question and he'll know the answer. When you ask him how he knows it he just shrugs and says 'I just do'. It's insane.

    I love berets. I have about 5 in different colours. I also have Cossack hats, bobble hats, Indiana Jones hats... you name it! s

    How's everything going so far?
  8. Oh right, sorry about that. You've got a really nice offer there though - is it like you can get a 1 and 2 in either paper or specifically a 1 in paper 2 and 2 in paper 3? Also, which college did you apply for?
    I think the interview probably partially influences their decision, and BMO, or BPhO performances as well.
    With regards to help for interviews and stuff, I would be really interested to know how you found the whole process, and could tell me what questions they asked you. Was the personal statement a big factor in the application, and what did you put for the SAQ? I would be super grateful if I could have a look at those though...
  9. Aren't you that amazing BMO 2 guy and the guy who got into Cambridge Maths? Wow!

    I have to admit that is crazily good-what were your UMS scores like, and also did you get into that training camp for the IMO?

    Im guessing your step grades were amazing too, but could you tell me these as well?

  10. I love encyclopaedias - I used to read an illustrated one cover-to-cover when I was small and I still have it.

    I know what you mean about exam questions being difficult but nice to work on. I find that with a lot of subjects - I enjoy the challenge. Although, at the end of the day, I only enjoy them if it's a challenge I can actually do. :rolleyes:
    Well, all the very best of luck for STEP - I'm sure you'll ace it. In fact, I know you will. And if you don't then I'll eat my hat. Which happens to be a red beret right now.

    Aw, no sorry. Unless there's a parallel of me living in London then I doubt it was me.

    Hey, hey - less of the 'let's' - I don't need sleep deprivation anymore; I did my time last year and it was horrific enough then. This year all I have to think about is going on holiday, hill-walking, digging up bones, which books to read next and playing music. :teehee:

    I didn't know Sonisphere had been cancelled. Will you be going to any festivals then? I'm heading to Latitude and the Cambridge Folk Fest.

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