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  1. cherrybawstad
    Thanks for the reply !!

    I picked Keele of my 5 offers due to the fact it was the highest offer, i had chosen universities based on my AS grades, not taking into account how my January re-sits may completely change my position !!

    In-fact with my Re-sit grades in mind i may of been better off applying to better universities, in the midlands Keele is held in quite high regard !! I'm more of a city person to be honest but i am hoping the environment will give me complete focus, hopefully anyway !!

    where did you stop whilst there ? hawthorns ?

  2. Of course it does not stop you from getting a 2:1 or even a 1st, and if you get these marks in 3 years you will be in a great position. It's about the effort you put in.

    It is easy to pass your first year (you only need 40% to pass, and you first year won't count towards you final degree mark). I passed with 60% and dropped out of the university, after finishing the exams. Having said all of this, I would like you to keep in mind, that even though I spent a year at Keele, my heart was already in Sheffield, when I got their offer, and at Keele I was pretty much 'switched off' for most of the year, so your experience in Keele may well be much different to mine. This is all only my opinion and experience.

    Yes I only had 300 points at the time, as I failed my 4th AS and general studies. They even accepted people with 260 points :eek:

    If you want to ask any questions about Keele (the course, accomodation etc.) please ask.

    Thanks, Vish
  3. Hi Warren,

    Yes I did go to Keele in the end, but I reapplied to the university I wanted to go to in the first place (Uni of Sheffield), to do a different course and they accepted me (they asked me to retake A-level Maths and get an A).

    You do 4 modules a semester, with 3 of them being core modules, and the other module is an elective, where you can choose any available module from a list they give. You have coursework in every module, which make up a certain portion of your mark in that module (some are essays, some multiple choice tests, some presentations, some weekly homeworks). The rest of your marks will come from exams. I think you have to pass every module to pass the year, and pass both components of your modules (coursework and exam).

    Honestly, the course is OK at best, Keele has a weak business school. There are a few good lecturers and tutors, and some BAD ones.

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