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  1. Hey Emor, saw your post about what to wear at freshers - don't worry! there's lots of us who will be there who aren't confident about apperance/what to wear/haven't been out much before and you'll fit in so naturally i'm sure
    I'm not confident when it comes to physical things like dressing up and going out, or relationships of any kind except causal/friends/work, so i'm kind of in the same boat
    (i'm a guy)
    usually when I go out I wear a casual shirt and jeans, nothing special.
    I'm looking forward to meeting people more like me at uni cause i'm not into getting wasted every day and everyone at home seems to be.

    Hopefully i'll run into you at Lancaster and be able to say Hi!

    Good luck if I don't see you around though

  2. Hey, how are you?
  3. A tad with economics but gradually increasing. We have all our exams in June. 9 exams within 10 days.
  4. I'm not going to lie I'm struggling but half of it's my fault. How about yours?
  5. hey so with calculus the gradient is always 0?
  6. Hi, how are you finding sixth form?
  7. Yeah, I got the same camera as that guy now :

    We got our channel at (:
  8. It's going well. How's yours going?
  9. Oh, you already read it before I edited it I think xD HI
  10. I just wrote something that was supposed to be in caps but it wasn't and now it sounds stupid. :P Anyway, hi, guess who I am.

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