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  1. If you could name me some good Québécois authors, that would be great. I have this huge book about Quebec (coincidentally written by someone at McGill) which I'm going to read during the summer.

    Yup, I've seen a lot of the student protests online. The Quebecois aren't a big fan of Harper, I'm guessing? I've not seen many Canadians who are though, Anglo or Franco...
    So I pretty much can tell from your post you're a sovereigntist. It's interesting, would you say most Quebeckers support independence as a sort of end solution? I.e. something they should work slowly towards to protect their culture and language?

    Regarding UdeM, is accommodation cheap in Montreal then? It's much cheaper to live in university accommodation here than private accommodation (especially in cities).
  2. Oh, another question (I apologise ). Is cultural influence from France still big in Quebec? Such as music, films and comedians etc. Also, I've been reading about the Quebec sovereignty movement et al and have read that the Parti Québécois will probably win the next Quebec legislative election. What's your opinion on all this? I know it's sometimes something Quebecers don't like to talk about but I find all this Quebec business quite fascinating (seeing as Scotland are having a referendum soon). I understand if you wouldn't give your opinion though, and I respect that
  3. Well, I haven't started UCL yet! I will in September (grades permitting...). I have applied for their student accommodation, which as you said, is very overpriced for a very average quality room. But it's London, so I guess it's expected. There's an accommodation thread here, which will be of some use. Ask some of them for advice, they'll be more knowledgeable than me.

    Does everyone in Canada stay in student accommodation for the entire duration of their degree? Or like the UK, do they spend the first year there, then the following years in private accommodation?
  4. Wow! Oxford! Which are you leaning towards? Whilst Oxford is one of the world's best institutions, UCL's location is amazing. Have you ever visited either place before?

    Yup, that's why I'm leaning more towards UdeM. When you say international, are lots of these Anglophones? Or do the majority come from France, Switzerland, French-speaking Africa etc? Also, you know, do Anglophones speak French fluently too? I have quite a convincing French accent so hopefully I can dupe them into speaking to me in French too :awesome:

    I've heard about Gaspésie and Les iles de la Madeleine (as well as Nord du Québec, but I doubt I'd venture that far). Have you been to New Brunswick btw? How widespread is French there? I'd like to visit there too, but the Acadian accent isn't very appealing...

    Sorry I've gone off a little bit, it's just I really am interested in Francophone Canada
  5. Merci! That was once again very helpful!

    I had considered Quebec City, but my university, UCL, only has agreements with L'Université de Montréal and UQAM. UdeM looked better than UQAM, so I think I'd rather go there. Which would you recommend? I see UdeM is right by Mont Royal, which looks so tranquil for the middle of a bustling city. So it's either Montréal or France, and I don't fancy spending a lot of time in Paris, Avignon or Marseille. I'd very much like to visit Quebec City though, how far is it from Montréal? Another totally random question, but is public transport expensive in Canada?

  6. Thanks for your reply! It was very helpful.
    On the streets in Montréal, particularly in the Downtown are and the Réso are you most likely to encounter French or English being spoken? Also, are most cultural events in French, English or bilingual? PS, I'm also intrigued as to why you chose to McGill as a francophone?

    Thanks again for the response, it really did help. You rarely find French Canadians on here so you're the first one I've been able to speak to.
  7. Hey! I see you're French Canadian and that you live in Montréal. Anyway, I'm going to study French at university this year and I have a question I hope you can answer. As part of my course I have to study abroad, and after looking at the options I'm leaning towards going to L'université de Montréal instead of spending it in France. I've always wanted to go to Québec and I think it would be silly to let the opportunity pass by. Plus I'm really interested in francophone Canada. So anyway, here's my quesion: If I go to Montréal, will my French improve dramatically? I know that in lots of suburbs anglophones make up the majority and I really don't want to speak much English whilst I'm on my year abroad. Is it feasible to live in Montréal for a while purely speaking French and avoiding speaking English? Also, how francophone are the universities in Montréal? I understand UQAM is very francophone (only 1% are anglophones apparently) but I can't find similar stats for UDM.

    Merci beaucoup
  8. greetings from daaniyal !
    i've currently applied as an international student to mcgill for mech. engineering !
    my alevel results were an A* in maths and an A in physics and my predicted grade for chemistry is an A*
    what do u think of me getting in to mcgill,
    and if u were an international student and applied for major scholarship, ccan u tell me how did u send the docs?
    thnx in advance

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