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  1. What college are you in. I'm also a first year and am in furness.
  2. No worries, very excited! Just wish we were already there, seems like every other uni has started and we're still waiting!

    Yeah I think I'll probably end up changing a couple of modules in the first couple of weeks.

    I'm in Furness, you ?
  3. Just seen you're doing Business Studies at Lancs, so am I
    Which modules have you gone for? I'm doing OWT100+101, MSCI105 & AC.F111, but hoping to change it around a bit once we arrive.

    Which college are you in?
  4. No I haven't, I've had a look at lists of what to take and I've looked at the Furness freshers timetable for what fancy dress stuff I need but havnt really bought anything :/ I'll have to plan a trip to ikea soon!
  5. Hi, I'm doing exactly the same! Business and in Furness Had Grizedale as first choice college but its really over subscribed this year so it was full
  6. Hey,
    I saw one of your posts in a thread and saw that you turned down Durham - for reasons of it being too pompous - could you still help me out please?
    What specifically did you do for them to give you an offer?
    Thank you very much in advance
  7. Facebook sucks, but fine, i'll make an effort
  8. you suck vijay
  9. Hey how's things, long time

    Anyway so I'm going to the lums open day tomorow (12) so yeah that should be good! Going to try pick a college for definite if I can and ask a few Qs :P

    How was Thursday? Good news? I'm pretty stoked, I managed to pull business to an A from unit 1 resit and general studies improved from 60 ums to 73 in unit 1 as well so it's an A overall I think, otherwise a higher B than before!

    Hope everythings gud. Out.
  10. Warrior King
    lol idiot

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