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  1. Sorry for the delay in my reply
    I don't know really but I would really like to go imperial. What about yourself?
  2. Aha, my friend told me to print a pic of Durham uni out and stick it on my desk to motivate me I know!! My mum always goes at New Years "Oh you'll be ... years old next year" this year it was "You'll be 18 and off to uni next year!" :eek:
  3. I'm doing Maths, Chem, Bio, and Geology. I get what you mean with the being pushed thing, I think that's one of the reasons I did so badly at GCSE, I was never pushed properly and ended up fed up and bored which led to ****ty results. Well done on your French result! How's revision going, seriously need to crack on with it myself, just keep doing little bits and getting distracted by the internet
  4. Well tbf, if I'd actually bothered at GCSE I would be applying to Oxford. If you think you have a shot, go for it! Durham looks amazing though my mother isn't pleased that it's 4 hours away by car Only downside to it is that I will need an A* prediction, and my college will only do that if I get 90% or more in my AS levels :eek: Suppose it technically should be easier so meh. What AS-Levels are you taking?
  5. Hiya, yes I am. Durham would be my dream uni Nottingham, Warwick, Southampton, Bristol, Bath are others I've looked at
  6. HEY!
    I'm alright. I'm considering Law as well as Mathematics + Statistics, instead of Economics and Management xD
    What subject for Cambridge? o:

    OH YAY. Wow. Six subjects? Whattttt. Same as me xD
    (Surprised you didn't do Eng Lit though o_o. I would have assumed that you would have, considering your slight inclination towards PPE?)

    Life is going well. I went on an ACTUAL shopping spree today and bought a book AND a dress (I'm Asian and therefore frugal, so buying one item = shopping spree, and buying two items = OMGNOWAY YOU DID NOT SPEND THAT AMOUNT OF MONEY!)
    URGH. I think I sucked at exams - max I'll get is 5 A grades this sem (out of six), min 2, because they literally screwed up the exams (seriously... for Maths, the average was 53 o_O). I'm really worried, but heck, year 11 doesn't count

    YAY PROCRASTINATION! -runs around screaming-
    We'll email sometime, yeah? OKAY? OKAY? OKAY <3
  7. Hey!
    I haven't spoken to you in AAAAGES! How have you been?

    I just finished my exams, so it figures xD
  8. I didn't delete my message! Confused...
    Yeah I don't know what they were thinking, they were messaging inappropriate things, so I blocked her/him actually :|
  9. im loopy for you.. add me
  10. Yep - that's why I'm really worried! Oh well, I'm not ashamed of my grades, I just need to prove them wrong now ^_^

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  • About loopy786

    TSR video blogger
    Star Sign
    About me
    Y13 Ravenclaw, and proud. /pride

    I am a bit crazy and seem to always leave people confused. I am a proper keen bean who gets really excited over a lot of things, so chances are, I will have something in common with someone, solely because I tend to love everything.
    Academic Info
    My academics for sixth form are really mucked up as in Y12, I was doing 5 subjects (Bio., Chem., Maths., FM, and History) then I dropped FM, Bio. and Chem. and took up French again which I'd dropped in Y11... 8-)

    AS levels done, now started A2 work in:

    History Pre-U


    AS Levels-
    French A (Yr. 11)
    Biology B
    Chemistry C

    English Language A*
    English Literature A*
    Maths. A*
    French A* .. 358/360 UMS by the looks of it!!
    German A* 295/300!
    History A* 197/200 !
    Music A*
    Physics A*
    Biology A (Triple Science)
    Chemistry A*
    Astronomy A
    Statistics A*
    ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence... what a name )
    JSLA (Junior Sports Leadership Award: Level One)
    I love writing, and went for Brit. Writers' Awards Unpublished 2010... got to semi finals, as I call them, i.e. the round from which the finalists were picked... 21,000+ people entered overall, so I consider this an achievement.

    I love languages; came first in German competition in UK

    Poem selected for publication

    Poet Laureate at school, etc.; published in the paper

    Lots of politics, public speaking etc.
    Currently, awaiting replies from other various comps.

    2 debating clubs, Junior Astronomy tutor, school prefect

    Also love piano/keyboard, guitar.... I would like a melodica :O :O :O AND AN HARMONIUM, HOW COOL would that be???
    Love writing poetry, songs, short stories... anything really! And love drawing and painting and stuff like that....

    But then I write essays for fun, and make silly youtube videos for fun, too....

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