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  1. OMG guys! I think you haven't seen this bizarre phenomenon! Check this!
    bizarre phenomenon
  2. helloo,
    You seem to know so much about KCL its crazyy lol was just wondering if you know how the sliding scale works exactly? My UKCAT score is 610, but i have 8A*'s and 4 A's at GCSE.. would that compensate do you think? Thank you!
  3. how are you finding first year? really excited about coming in sept! (grades willing)
  4. Kidha
  5. Hi,
    Ive noticed your contributions on the KCL applicants thread. I myself am applying there to study medicine this year. I was wondering how the course is panning out for you as its only a 5 year MBBS degree, whereas many other med schools do a 6 year course. How does that change the MBBS at Kings compared to at say for example UCL, is it the same content but just like accelerated?

    Thanks, ps have you started to do any PBL yet? Cheers
  6. Hi there,
    I've seen your posts on the kings thread and you seem very helpful it's really kind of you to give us hopefuls medics a push.

    I applied to kings and have my interview on the 23 November and am extremely worried ! I was wondering if you had any advice ? As in how long did you spend preparing for your interview and what areas I should be largely focusing on ? Is there anything that Kings particularly like in a candidate ? I understand you cannot disclose the interview procedure but it would be really helpful to get your opinions and advice on preparing for interviews at kings.

    Thank you so much in advance,
  7. Thanks for the advice It seems to me that personal statement is something they look at a lot too since some of my friends have amazing ukcat and gcse but still haven't been called and others with not so good ukcat have been invited... hoping they'll love my PS, though it's standard really :/

    Thanks again, patience is easier said than done aha but I don't mind when my interview is, in fact, I'd rather have a later one... just want one !! Hope it's ok that I ask you some Qs from time to time and well done on making it to king's!!!
  8. Hey there king's medic!
    I was wondering whether you knew of anyone at king's who got around 645 ukcat and 10.5 A* ? Worried my ukcat will mean no interview... -_-
  9. hi, it's me again, sorry to bother again, but do you have any advice for the kings interview? thanks
  10. ahh right, thanks for the advice man x

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