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  1. I wish I could say I were a Tory. FE Smith and Disraeli are two of my most prized political heroes, and I sympathise with their desire for financial security. People often assume I'm a Tory because I'm quite conservative personality-wise and very culturally traditional. I'm just not comfortable with many of their historical positions or the idea of implicitly supporting the bulk of their backbenchers.
  2. Cheers for the rep! Nerdy jokes are the best!
  3. Hello Rakas have you completed the answers for the interview?
  4. I think you're looking at the portrayal of women in the media from the perspective of someone who has no idea about the realities of how these things do affect women and especially young women and girls as young as 10. You should try to combat that with different perspectives (which is a difficult reflective exercise that takes a long time and can't be perfected).

    And maybe you are, if so, good .

    But either way alpha brah was out of lining relating your weight to your knowledge, and I can only hope he apologises for it. It's quite ironic that he said that on that thread.

    I thought you might enjoy this video. It's focused on women because they are more oppressed, and it's focused on things indicative of other problems, it's only 4 minutes long:
  5. cheers
  6. Cheers for the link
  7. Hmm yes, I suppose what I was hoping for was an evolution. A refining of neoliberalism perhaps to combine forward-thinking free market policies with some compassion and pragmatism as you say (then again, New Labour tried to do that and failed). Or instead of parroting the same old stuff about the means of production, the left find ways to appeal to instead of alienating the common man, perhaps by finding alternative means of consumption in the vein of the old nineteenth century co-op movement.
  8. Do you ever sit and think about how backward all our political ideas are nowadays? How as we argue on internet forums, we're playing with 20th century concepts (socialism, capitalism, anarchism) and not looking forward to new ideas?
  9. You post some clever things, we need an alliance.
  10. Cheers Rakas, I'll take a look

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