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  1. Iron Lady
    Why do you disobey authority?
  2. Iron Lady
    I could say the same about New Labour's legacy in terms of ruining the country.

    Your ignorance is really beginning to annoy me. Will you educate yourself on politics and policies? You're idiotic - "da tories R all out to get meh!!!!". No they're not. :rolleyes: Once again you're relying on meaningless old stereotypes.

    I believe this is a fitting tribute:

  3. Iron Lady
    I recommend you visit a GP, you clearly have issues that you need to address.

    No, I haven't seen the Iron Lady either (I hate cinemas), however I've liked her since I was around 14 and I'm in my twenties now.

    I'm presuming you only hate her due to your family dismissing the Conservatives as the 'evil' party.

    Grow up.
  4. Iron Lady
    You're forgetting that my opinions don't match all of hers :rolleyes:

    As you asked (so nicely) I will explain why I admire her economic policies: individualism, free market capitalism, society only exists to a certain extent, crushing the unions, lowering tax.

    I understand that you dislike her - that's fine. Obviously there are pros & cons to what she did and certain areas of Britain were disadvantaged as they were out of work. However, the industry was not making any money and in the short term there would have been hardship, but in the long term it will benefit the economy. Can you stop being so selfish?

    You really shocked me when you were so angry and wished death on her. I dislike the Labour Party on the whole, I detest Gordon Brown - but do I want them to die? No. Because I have other things to worry about.

    Just live and let live. She's an elderly woman now, surely she deserves some respect? Her economic policies do not define her!
  5. Iron Lady
    My online persona is not an invitation for you to express your bitterness.

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