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  1. It's a language problem in my opinion. Most people DO know what open minded means. It means that if you hear an argument out you're willing to consider it may be true, regardless of your previous stance on it.

    But when some (and I know this will sound snobby) less intelligent people hear it they believe what's actually being said is: You are wrong for not agreeing with me.

    So open minded has for some come to simply mean: You are wrong, regardless of your arguments and counters, and instead of saying you are wrong it appears more convincing to say you are not open minded.

    Thus it is used in a way it is not meant to be.

    A bit like when someone says 'I refute that!' without actually putting up any proof or explanation. Some have seen it used in a convincing fashion and believe it means 'I disagree with that'.

    But then due to the contexts in which it is used, it's then used in a way where it appears to make sense, even though in context it doesn't.

    What doesn't help is that I can't be bothered to pretend to respect views that are so clearly based in logical fallacies, or that are dressed up in empty terms.

    I'm still a little in shock though by the claim (from another poster) that anyone has a 'right to' a woman though.
  2. Awww shucks, I'm blushing now!
  3. Ugh. It hurtsss.
  4. When did TSR become such a cesspool of anti-feminism? :unimpressed:
  5. Look what you've done! :P Now we're back.
  6. Thanks for the rep
  7. y u mad tho?
  8. you do know every time you neg my posts for no reason ill just do it back...
  9. Thank you! I made it when I was about 14 - I was slightly obsessed after having met him about a week earlier nice work on the various feminism threads by the way, nice to know I'm not the only one who doesn't despise feminism and all it stands for in the whole of TSR!
  10. oo marilyn is quite a nice name

    (but my god.. not snooki)

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