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  1. vvvvvvvvv strong whiteknight vvvvvvv
  2. This TSR vs Misc stuff has been very enlightening, as has the picture of your body being spread around. Just like to thank you for making my evening
    Also, great body x
  3. I had no idea what this misc stuff was until today LOL. I suppose I owe your chest!
  4. lol your tits are now on the misc, congratulations!
  5. Y u no keep my message?
  6. :sexface:
  7. Hey,
    I was just reading that alpha and beta thread and it seems you're getting abused by some MASSIVE pr*cks. Just letting you know you do have some support on the internet
    oh and you're not fat. But you probably knew that already.
  8. Good on you! It should never be about social ideals, being a specific weight or such. You can consider some rugby players to be overweight but it would be unwise to call one a fat boy . As for women all you gotta do is exactly what you do, exercise and eat properly instead of starving yourself to fit into a dress, and you'll get the results, curvy and very attractive.

    I would not choose politics because I find it too boring! Talking about that just makes me really cynical, plus it's way too generic! Save it for question time.

    Hmm, I'll think of something a bit more interesting! Are you at uni or going soon? What do you /do you want to study?
  9. I can honestly say I'd never heard of size 4 before! Any obsession with sizes is unhealthy IMO, all people should be aiming for is to be fit, healthy and then attractiveness just falls into place, wouldn't you agree?

    Got any suggesting for a interesting topic of debate then?
  10. I'll post one last time -

    My breasts are not massive but they're not pancakes like you say they are. When God bestowed breasts on women I was probably seating on the middle row.

    And please stop saying tits, I think it's a very ungirly thing to say. Can we steak to breasts please?

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