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    K. L. Hardy
    Where I study
    All Saints College
    Sales Assistant at Vodafone
    Star Sign
    About me
    I am a student described in my latest Annual Report as "an able, pleasant and hard working student" having shown some Level 3 abilities at All Saints College in West Denton, studying BTEC Level 3 qualifications.

    I am from Kenton in Newcastle upon Tyne and went to Kenton from 2005-2010 before joining Newcastle College where I secured a Merit grade in Level 1 Joinery.

    Not much else goes on in my life. I am now on a Summer break, having just finished Year 12, and it has been very boring not working on school work.

    Originally written: 21st October 2011
    Updated: Today
    Academic Info
    I am a former Newcastle College student, having studied with them for a total of 6 months between September 2010 and June 2011.

    My Joinery course will conclude in 7 weeks from now, and after that I will be studying several subjects during the next academic year.

    I progressed to studying Applied Science, Travel & Tourism and ICT with a Sixth Form in Wallsend. Later they forced me out and I joined All Saints School, where I currently study.
    I studied BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diplomas in Applied Science and Travel & Tourism and a BTEC Level 3 Certificate in ICT in Year 12 - with the upcoming year seeing the 2 Subsidiary Diplomas end.

    EXPECTED GRADES (overall)
    Applied Science - Merit
    Travel & Tourism - Merit
    ICT - Pass

    Also from September 2012 I am studying Edexcel A-level History with the National Extension College.

    Hopefully all of the expected grades will become a reality and with any luck History will go well too.

    Progress in Year 12 was good, but I am hoping for even faster and more significant progress to be made in what will be my 15th year in education.

    What will happen in the future remains to be fully planned, but hopefully the following will be studied:
    Level 2 Plastering
    Level 3 Construction
    AS levels in Applied Science and Applied Travel & Tourism.

    My future also lies with Gateshead College once I finish my time at All Saints, as I develop slowly and therefore do not feel confident in moving up to the next level.

    I had planned to join Gateshead College this year, but All Saints has kept me on.

    Education in never easy, so hard work is essential. But considering what my latest Annual Report said, things are looking good.

    Written: Today
    Written: 28th May 2011
    My interests include... education, people/animals and all things relaxing.

    Specific interests.......
    English, Science, History, Construction and Tourism/Aviation, French as well as some parts of Music and Media. More specifically English Language, Forensic Science, German and British History, Woodwork, all parts of Travel and Tourism/Aviation and French related to the Aviation industry, as for Music and Media, well I like most of it.

    My step-brother/experimenting partner Chris is the most interesting person I know. Tigers, Wolves and Polar Bears are my favorite animals.

    As for relaxing I like Motorsport, Snooker and Music, as well as sleeping with Chris and playing with him, literally, and him playing with me, literally.

    So really I have many interests, and that is all of them!!

    Updated: Today
    Well my interested have not changed very much since last May, to be honest.

    When I am not at school, I just listen to music and relax. Sadly I no longer see Chris, we had a lot in common but things didn't work out too well.
    As I wrote in May last year, I am interested in many subjects, including:
    Travel and Tourism*

    *indicates I have studies the subject
    **I intended to study this subject in more detail, but have not yet had opportunity to do so.
    ***I have not studied the subject

    Hobbies: Well I like playing snooker, but never get the chance as I am always doing school work. Hobbies are not something I have a great deal of time for. Watching TV is something else I do in my spare time, of which there is never enough!

    Well, yes that is my interests. Not very interesting, but still.
    The HardyBoy Factfile
    Birth Date: 31st March 1994

    Favourite Person: Chris

    Favourite Country: France/Monte Carlo

    Secondary School: Kenton (2005-2010)
    College: Newcastle College (2010,2011)
    Sixth Form: All Saints (2011-present)

    Favourite teachers:
    Mr Smith
    Mrs Walker
    Mr Yielder
    Mr Ross
    Mrs Jamieson
    Mrs Drew

    Worst teachers:
    Chris Sibbald
    Graham Black
    Ali Tarn


    Written 19th April 2011
    Updated: Today

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