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  1. Aww thank you, that means a lot
  2. Oh I see lol, it makes it really easy to track you down on other forums as well

    I've been thinking of changing my display pic, I don't think I live up to the "Ik Oankar" symbol yet.
  3. Btw, what's with your display pic?
  4. I like how he has probably never read a single page of GGS in his life, but acts like he is an expert on Sikh philosophy

    And yeah I usually have to read his posts 2-3 times before I figure out what he is saying haha
  5. Thank you, glad to hear I am not going insane or the only one who feels that way! I just don't know how to reply to that in a polite manner?
  6. Hey, what do you think of this post?

    agree or disagree?
  7. Yeah, grew up in Leicester and then moved to Yorkshire for uni last summer.

    It is ridiculous, but I've seen it in all the threads I've got involved with in that section - the bloke seems to have no comprehension of basic science or how belief works.
  8. Well I'm considering all of the London ones, because I love London :london:

    And maybe Birmingham, because I reckon that I've already got one foot in the door with my GCSEs (9A*) but we'll see about that....
  9. Well done bro!! You should really be proud of yourself!!

    Hopefully I'll be in your position next year :crossedf:

    And don't worry about Oxford mate, they're the ones who are missing out

    And yeh I understand your point about Leicester. That's why I don't want to apply to Nottingham, because I live like walking distance from the campus

    I'm sure a lot of the weight is off your shoulders now
  10. How's your application going bro?

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