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  1. you mad brah
  2. reported.
  3. Oh. Um, thanks, I guess?
  4. eh?
  5. I can see why you have received such glowing replies from a lot of people...not! Ok, ignored.
  6. What a total idiot. Read your posts and the replies you received. I am watching carefully and have flagged you already.
  7. Having larger boobs doesn't mean I'm short of self respect. Get a life.
  8. I don't care how things seem to you - you're just a pimp on the backside of humanity as far as I'm concerned. Now please, refrain from wasting my time on a pathetic low life like yourself.
  9. your insane. goodluck with getting into shape though!
  10. Just because you said you had the same size body as the other guy, when you clearly didn't. Your body isn't bad, its just skinny/average. Don't get hung up about it lol

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