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  1. Hey.

    I believe it goes without saying that I'm grateful for you allowing me to join the TSR Labour party.

    I am interested in becoming a MP for TSR Labour party. Is there a possibility for me any time soon, in a by election or so? I'm not asking for something with nothing, I do feel you should be the next party leader.

    Thank you.
  2. clh_hilary
    1 week ago
    Hi. Sorry I didn't mean to challenge your leadership or upset you. I just thought it might have been a good way to pacify Faland.
  3. Hi, could you do my survey please
  4. I don't really post a lot on threads, this is due to my studies. But I am interested in Politics and watch many videos related to Politics during my free time.
    Really sorry, but can I find the link to the application of the Labour party?
  5. Hey, I am interested in joining the TSR Labour.
  6. Thanks !
  7. I asked to join the Labour Party,not a leadership candidate, what is with the 5th degree ????
    Ed Balls probably hates Blair more than anyone on TSR.

    Also dont know why you assume I hate tony blair, I have defended Labour many times in seriously posts. Occasionally I make a few jokey posts.

    Ed Miliband said New Labour and Old Labour was dead, now its just Labour.
  8. New Labour is dead
  9. haha I'm in BO4 so you are in my tutorial group.
  10. I'm still confused. Hopefully, there are up soon on qol! Have you been in for lectures at all ? We found out today in our SPP tutorial that there are 2 repeats in our group- but there weren't at the tutorial since everyone passed SPP last year.

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