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  1. No idea mate sorry :/
  2. No idea, pulled her off the web randomly on a search for Scottish sexiness.
  3. Ah excellent, thanks for getting in touch! I am indeed going for Viking studies next year - I am ridiculously excited! What would you say is the best bit about the course? Or is that a difficult question to answer?
  4. Akbar2k7
    What do you think about Silat for self defence? you seem to know alot about martial arts so thats why I am asking.
  5. Probably. I think it might snow at the end of the January.

    I know about The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrún, but I haven't read it. It sounds interesting though.
  6. Winters are like mentioned rather mild. -20 C during the winter of 09/10, but that's unusual. The weather is very unpredictable and very unstable. Four seasons in five minutes and all that. But rubbish weather isn't exactly news in Northern Europe.

    It has been an unusually warm year though. Summer suddenly returned in November, it was a bit bizarre. Anyway, yes. Really ought to watch them! I like that Andy Serkis is now a second unit director.
  7. Einheri
    No, haven't seen them yet. In fact I didn't know that there were any production diaries. I'll have to give them a watch - anything to get a The Hobbit fix! I think if the film doesn't come out within the next month I'm going to have to liquidise a copy of the book and inject it straight into my veins.

    Really? I didn't realise that Vestlandet was that warm.
  8. Haha. Sounds brilliant. I love when you can't put a book down! Makes me miss Harry Potter. Peter Jackson? Now that's rather cool. Have you seen the production diaries from The Hobbit? They're very interesting.

    Strange winter loving people. I like snow in December, but it rarely stays. It's winter for about five hours and then it's back to autumn again.
    Rather exaggerated but essentially true. That's horrible, I'm glad they were rescued. Scary to think about indeed.
  9. I have a bad memory, haha. A farm? Nice. I grew up in a city (or town by English standards) but yes. I don’t like very big cities. Iceland’s Knut Hamsun? Sounds like an interesting book,I'll look into it! I got the first three series of Merlin. Quite happy about that. We also got The Hobbit trailer before Sherlock Holmes. The whole cinema went silent.

    This December is unusually warm. Close to 13 C. I'm not complaining though.
  10. I know the UK isn't all rosy. But I think I have a more romantic view of it. Too much Jane Austen. Haha, no seriously. I have no idea how it would be like to live there though. The only thing I know for certain is that it's cheaper. England is DVD and book heaven. I need to go on a Harry Potter tour all over the UK as well. Have I mentioned that the snowy landscape scenes in HP and the Half Blood Prince were filmed in Norway? Probably. Still quite nice.

    I'm not a big city person at all. Oslo was cold and a little depressing. I've only been there once though, so I shouldn't judge it that harshly. It does have a very nice opera house.

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    Academic interests: Anglo-Saxon and Norse history, Old English and Norse philology, Germanic history, language and culture from Antiquity to the High Middle Ages in general.

    Languages: I can speak okay-ish Norwegian, and am currently learning Icelandic. I can read Old English and Old Norse too. One day I'd like to take up German.

    Music: Metal, Rock, Folk, Medieval and Classical music.

    Sport: Longbow archery, both warbow and target. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Judo. Submission and Freestyle Wrestling. Boxing. MMA. Weightlifting. Sword fighting.

    Other interests: Ásatrú. Mead brewing (and drinking). Ales. Sharp, metal, pointy things.
    All of lifes problems can be solved with a FUS RO DAH!

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