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  1. When I was in Barnsley I was staying in a house on like the top of a hill, it was pretty high up and my room was the attic area, so I could see pretty far, I could clearly see the town centre I think. I used to lean out of the window talking to friends at 2am, good times...
    I think the area was called Hayland or something like that.
    Lol tbh, Barnsley is barely north, so I wouldn’t exactly call you a northerner. I've stayed south mainly only been up to Barnsley once. So I am most definitely a southerner.

    I’m gonna start packing soon, I seriously can't wait.
    I'll probs see you there =P
  2. Lol my mum’s similar, butttt! I can cook. Not that I would cook for you lol. Maybe if you’re lucky. My mum has taught me over the past few years, guess I'm lucky.

    Damnnnn I got the Mediterranean bit right so meh

    I haven’t been confirmed yet either, they're taking the piss because I applied on the first day and tons of people already have their places confirmed.
    I only applied at Fitzroy too, considering it was first come first serve I thought I was safe it being the first day.

    I get the whole weird thing with the bathroom. If it's not my bathroom I don't like it, there is a kinda a safety feeling when the bathroom is yours and only you and your family use it, you know it will be clean n stuff.
    The thought of sharing a bathroom on a regular basis puts me off tbh, I don't mind sharing with friends if they come over but not to people who may not keep it clean etc.
    Plus what if I see someone else’s bum log lol. That's very off putting.
  3. Hmmmm,

    Having a huge family sucks lol.
    I have no sibling, so I doubt I would miss anyone, I suppose maybe my mum after a while.
    Ive seen the luton uni area from pictures, but Ive nenver been my friends have though and they said it was pretty nice.
    I'll be at fitzroy, as soon as they actually reply with my confirmation of accomadation -.-, you been confirmed yet? I mean accomadation.

    Maria, nice name. This is a guess out of the blue but are you mediterranean? more specifically Greek.
    If I'm right ima Bawsssss. :banana2:

    Oh btw I stayed in Barnsley a lil while ago, it was next to a massive forest area.
    I could see across the forest to sheffield, it was amazing cus I saw a storm once but it was only over sheffield so I was look at a storm in the distance.
    If you get what Im saying?
  4. Hey,

    Saw your post on my thread about Bedfordshire, you going to the luton campus?
    I wouldn't say I'm nervous can't wait to get away from my huuge family.
    Dnno how I'm gonna get all my crap over here though. =/

    I'll be studying Computer Hardware Engineering, cus I'm cool :cool:

    My names Kam btw. Yours?
  5. Hi!
    I saw on the salford freshers thread that you're going to be studying Psychology and Criminology in September and I wanted to say hi.
    I'm going into second year, doing Psych and Counselling, and I'm the chair of the psychology society.
    If you want to, join our group on facebook, there are a lot of other psych and crim students on there so it might be helpful to get to know some before you go!!/...918804736?ap=1

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