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  1. I know, especially when people insist on using ridiculous abbreviations and you have no idea what they stand for. Like smh and yolo (that’s a pet hate of mine, it’s a ridiculous phrase). A lot of people are quite nice when they’re tipsy, it’s when they get hammered that I’d rather steer clear. Ooooh. Yay. How I look forward to days of cleaning up vomit and everything else that comes with looking after drunk friends. :rolleyes: I don’t blame you for having limits. :lol:
    Before I went down to London I basically spent all day watching the Olympics, seeing as I work in a gym it would actually be inexcusable not to have the Olympics on the TV’s there. There was a great moment during the rowing just before we got our first gold for team GB and everyone in the room was staring at the TV and cheering. It was a good place to be. :lol: Also, I loved the opening ceremony, although I probably wouldn’t have cared what they put in it after I saw that they’d got Kenneth Branagh reciting Caliban’s speech. :lol: Haha, yeah, although a lot of the time I don’t really notice. I love Dracula, it’s just brilliant, although the middle bit is a bit slow and takes some plowing through. No other vampire book can really compare to it. Who isn’t a sucker for pudding really? Ooooh, free dominoes? Sounds good to me! Needless to say I will be jumping on any freebies at Fresher’s. Time to turn on the charm and see what glorious stationary I can get.
  2. Oh yeah. What a genius I am. :rolleyes: Silly me. Right, I’m actually writing this all on a word document so I can copy and paste my uber-essay reply onto TSR! The Olympics was awesome, so loud, really exciting and it was fantastic seeing loads of different nationalities all there shouting for their countries. Also discovered that after Team GB was knocked out, I am a very patriotic little German. :lol:
    Starting from the beginning...bookshops are great. Yeah, I’m hoping there’s a lot of them in Norwich, although I might just go ahead and buy a Kindle because it’ll be much easier in terms of space and stuff. They really are brilliant photos. I think you’d do very well at being a villain, and they’re always a lot more interesting.
  3. Hey,
    This is Majid from Kuwait, I will be coming to Medway to Study in the University of Greenwich, Medway, Mechanical Engineering, I wanted to ask you where should I stay, if you don't mind helping
    Because I am from Kuwait and I've never been to UK ! So I would appreciate a bit of help
    Thank You
  4. Not at all! Haha, I'll sit down and re-write it in a moment. Our epic conversation was going so well. I'm going to blame my computer. I usually do.

    I'll bet! Still, it sounds like an amazing thing to do (I feel like the word opportunity is overused). I look forward to hearing your tales.

    Ah, the gymnastics was amazing. Makes you feel guilty when you're sitting there eating copious amounts of chocolate though. Ironically, I spend so much time watching the Olympics that I'm finding it very hard to motivate myself to do any sport. :lol: Everything's fine thanks, mostly working, driving lessons and meeting up with my friends. Off to the Olympics on Thursday so I really ought to throw some clothes in a bag (my idea of packing).
  5. Just-Some-Guy
    Ah phew, thought I might have offended you or something!
    Oh I'm intrigued as to what your reply is!? You know I would have responded had I received it! I propose we forget the minor set back, and continue our amazingly epic conversation.

    No, I won't return to England for another two weeks yet!! it's been a ludicrously busy summer so far, when I'm OD again (I'll explain later ) I will tell you all about my time here in a brief, concise, yet in an interesting and ingeniously funny way

    I have seen a grand total of 1 swimming race, and a bit of a gymnastics show....that's it!
    Kinda difficult to get any sort of TV here! I don't have much time now, but I will get back to you when I can (it's 5 hours behind here, so it'll be slow ) I promise you.
    The camp is Called Camp Chipinaw (they updated the website, so it looks awesome now ).
    How's everything going for you now???
  6. Haha, yes, last time I checked!

    Guess you're back from America then. How was it?

    My reply has gone! I practically wrote an essay. No wonder I hadn't heard anything. I assumed it was because you were busy in America. Sorry! I wasn't ignoring you, I promise. You caught any of the Olympics?
  7. Just-Some-Guy
    Hey, I'm off to the great land of America in around 25 hours
    If you would like, I will keep you posted as to how things pan out? If not, then it has been a genuine delight speaking with you, and I wish you have a relaxing summer and get the grades you hope for ( though whats a few extra thousand miles when there is already so much )
  8. So where are you from originally? Norwich is meant to be pretty safe so I'm hoping for a few night-time strolls myself. Haha, yeah! It's kind of amazing when you realise how far humanity has advanced in such a short space of time. I mean, we really exploded. We may be destructive and very reckless with our resources but you have to admire the ingenuity of the generations before us, and indeed the current generation. Even in our lifetimes, so less than two decades, we've moved from using tapes and videos on a regular basis to CD's and DVD's, and then to downloads. Computers have changed from huge monsters to flatscreens, likewise with TV's, and medicine has made some incredible advances. We're not there yet but I think sometimes we forget how far we've really come. It would have been nice to live in a time when exploration on earth was really taking off, finding new countries, that must have been exciting. But I suppose now we have space flight, and insanely well designed submarines. Deep sea exploration has to be one of the most brilliant things ever. Now I want to watch Blue Planet...

    I love singing to Jazz as well. I have a low voice for a girl, it's better suited to Jazz. Opera just makes me feel bad about myself. :lol: It's not a bad song. My best running song is this, although it takes a while to get going so that's annoying.

    Not at all. I think it would be silly to cut off our conversation now, it's become quite the epic saga. :lol: Oh wow, whereabouts in America? That's seriously cool (that's such a weak adjective but I tend to run out of good ones because I get too enthusiastic :lol:), enjoy that! That's fine, you'll be able to talk me through the joys of freshers week. :lol: But definitely enjoy America, don't let teaching drive you insane!
  9. I like being able to remember things, my memory is a point of pride for me, I don't want to ruin it. Oh, I will, I'm not going to go wild because I'm away from home. Can't anyway, I won't hit drinking age until after the first term. No clubbing for yours truly. Not that I mind, but it seems a waste when Norwich has 150 pubs. Then again, I can just drink lemonade for a few months. Get hyper on coca cola. I still do get hyper, it's embarrassing. Ah, I wish I had a friend like you, I could do with one at uni. Wasps are horrid. I never squash them though, I open the window and if they don't fly out I leave them to die. Callous but it's their own fault, I gave them a chance. Oh, I will, I could do with the advice!

    Exactly. I've got enough trouble with a brother and sister of my own. But they're fun. Tai and Sora should've been a couple, partly because I think I had a slight crush on Matt as a kid. :lol: Ridiculous really. But the storyline is brilliant, I'm not ashamed to admit that the scene where Ken realises what he's done as the Digimon Emperor makes me cry.

    I just enjoy being childish. I think immaturity runs in my family, but I quite like it actually. I'm always young in my year, in Scotland being a December baby makes me quite the young-un.
  10. I'd rather be exceptional at everything, but that's impossible so I wouldn't mind being good at everything. If I was exceptional at one thing I'd always envy everyone else for being good at things I wasn't. I'd rather see someone mediocre who is completely passionate about what they do and totally absorbed in it, than see someone brilliant who's apathetic (although how often does that happen?). You lucky thing, as I said, being short has a lot of disadvantages. I was jumping up and down earlier trying to see, until my brother decided just to use my sister as a weapon and push her in front. :lol: Precisely, competition is a good thing!

    Oh no, I'd rather live and be blind than die. Life would be sad, definitely, but I'm lucky in that nothing ever hurts me for very long, I think after a time I'd remind myself that I'm lucky to be alive. I do that sometimes, think about how amazing it is that everything in my body manages to work without a hitch the majority of the time. We underestimate it, but it's impressive as hell, the amount of effort that goes into just being alive. Sorry, that was a bit of a gushy kind of speech. :lol: Feel free to shut your eyes at that part, I won't judge. Hmm, would I mind hallucinations? I don't know, if they were interesting hallucinations, I think I wouldn't mind. If I go mad in my old age and start revisiting my youth and shut off from reality, I think that would be a happy way to spend my last years, I had a nice childhood, I wouldn't mind going back. But it would be horrible for my family. I'm terrified of Alzheimers though, going mad is one thing, forgetting who I am and who everyone else is, and the fear they feel when they see their family and think they're strangers, it would be horrific. I fear that more than hallucinations. Don't fancy drowning, I agree there.

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