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  1. Hello,
    May I receive tips/advice/material for AQA AS Philosophy exam? Reason and Experience in particular.
  2. Hello,

    I also saw your entry on the Oxford stalking page

    and I have extenuating circumstances (long term illness) and would like to apply to Oxford...but they don't have a form to fill in like Cambridge? So how do you explain the circumstances to them?

  3. Sorry to be a bother, but I saw your dreadlock's comment and was wondering a) did you have them before or after your interview and b)are you a guy or a girl. Also did you get accepted, if so well done . One more thing, are they frowned upon by members of staff? Thanks
  4. Ah, ok.
    Thank you for your help
  5. Hi
    I just saw your entry on 2012 Oxford applicants stalking page
    I'm a current GCSE student, wanting to study PPE at Oxford. Unfortunately, my GCSEs aren't going to be brilliant(I know it )..aboute 2A*s,6As and a B. Just wondering, do they put much weight on your GCSEs? Did they mention them in your interview?
    Sorry for bombarding you with questions!
    Thank you
  6. judging on ur previous posts I thought you would have been helpful. Obviously not
  7. I enjoyed it a lot actually, although I didn't perform very well in my interviews. Just waiting for the rejection letter tomorrow. And you?
  8. Ah ok now I know who you are I'm Corinna, I was one of the other three girls (the blonde one). I don't think we spoke, but don't worry about it, I can completely understand you We both know Mu though, right? He said that you had been walking around in circles in Oxford haha
  9. Hey! I saw on the Oxford stalking page that you were at interviews in Merton for PPE. I was there too! What's your name if I may ask, just wondering if we spoke to each other?
  10. wanna dance in rainbows with me

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    AS-Levels: AAAA in History, English Lit, Philosophy and Maths
    A-Levels: AAB in History, Philosophy and Maths (extenuating circumstances)

    Studying PPE and Merton College, Oxford.

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