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  1. danke schoen
  2. i dnt know who or what RK is
    i just read Erdos' post humous biography so I'm still fangirling :teehee:
  3. :zomg: is your boss' erdos number really 3 :eek3: he's awesome
  4. hey buddy
  5. Loving your "academic info" .
  6. I think it was you i was talking to on the that thread? anyway i'd be happy to continue our conversation if you read my last post
  7. Still waiting for this to be implemented.

    [#2] Extend post rep with "Meh" thumb-sideways button :yy:
  8. Your turn
  9. Thanks Dez

    That's okay

    Tis all sorted
  10. Hi dez sorry to pester you but there's something of mine which requires an admin's attention. I thought you boys in red may have forgotten me. :cry: very much

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    Damian Posener
    Dynamic Developer
    About me
    I work for TSR! :woo: My name is Damian and I am a dynamic developer. My job is to make lots of great new features and functionality for TSR and its sister sites.

    My posts on the forum aren't necessarily related to my position, unless they are in the About TSR or related sections. My views don't represent those of TSR or its staff et cetera.

    So what else? I'm on Twitter, where I mainly ramble to friends and occasionally post about awesome things. I also have a Maths degree, but let's not worry too much about that.

    Academic Info
    It is impossible to create a perfect 2-D atlas of the world (a sphere) that is to scale, there will always be some overlap or errors on the page.

    You cannot comb a hairy ball flat. As proved in the Hairy ball theorem, 1912.

    By the tender age of 20, Évariste Galois had written enough mathematics to get a course named after him at practically every university maths department in the world. In between that, he managed an attempt to overthrow government, was imprisoned for six months, and later was shot in a duel. He died in hospital the day after.

    2 is the only even prime number, which makes it rather odd.

    A Möbius band has no end, and a Klein bottle has no inside (or outside). Both can be easily constructed: the first by hand, the second you can buy readily off the Internet.

    My project supervisor had Erdős number 3. Which means I can humbly claim Erdős number ∞ − 3, or 4, if I'm feeling less humble.

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