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  1. Whilst on other news, here's what's cracking down


    Goodnight Geek-a-zoid...keep up the geekish work
  2. that is a SIKKKKK video bRuuDaaaAaaaa :awesome:

  3. Went for my HIIT session, yday BRUDDAAAAA :awesome:

    Momentum...dear me...even when imparting wisdom, you cannot leave the geekish words behind....geek-a-zoid u shall be FOREVA brUddaaaa

    Until, next time, I need your help on something, I am off to bed :awesome:
  4. I've gone POINT BREAK BRUDDAAA....i'm living life quarter mile at a time....10 seconds at a time.....kamikaze I have in me now

    Other than that, been chillaxing BRUDDAAAA :awesome:

    How about you? studying day and night and getting 105% in your practice exams, Mr Geek-a-zoid :awesome: ....?...!
  5. I've never had a limp wrist in my lifeeeeEeeee

    WIZARDRY THIS IS, i tell you BRUDDAAAA :awesome:
  6. :awesome:

    Well played're learning

  7. Don't talk crazy on Sunday, it's blasphemy and I, FOR ONE, am disgusted by your behaviour. You make me sick to my face. But, not to worry, in a parallel universe, i was more forgiving.

    BRUDDAAAAAAAAAa :awesome:
  8. You forgot the last line....

    Now, this superposition allows for, Many Worlds Theory. Therefore, in another parallel universe, boromir9111 did not die as A WARRIOR but saved Merry and Pippin :awesome:

  9. Gonna head off to bed now. My sleep is important BRUDDAAAAAAAAA :awesome:

    I will catch you on the SHIZZLE-floP....until then, PEACE BRUDDAAAAA
  10. You geniusssss......shall make sure I benefit from this wizardy :awesome:


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    Currently studying Physics with Astrophysics MPhys 2011-2015

    A Levels:

    Mathematics OCR A*
    Further Mathematics OCR A*
    Physics Edexcel A*
    Extended Project (The Variable Luminosity of Star Systems) AQA A

    AS Levels:

    Mathematics - A
    Further Mathematics - A
    Physics - A
    Music Technology - A


    8A*s 2As 1B
    Piano, Astronomy, Aviation

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