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  1. Hello! Sorry i'm late in getting back to you!
    But thank you very very veryyy much for all the advice and tips you've given me, greatly appreciated!
    I use the textbook that you suggested in class, but think i'm going to purchase the little smaller textbook too off of Amazon
    Hopefully things will be alright in the end, i'm just stressing loads as feel as though i know nothing aha, although i know worrying isn't going to help me at all!
    But i'll get back to you if i have any questions, but thanks again for your time )
  2. Simple Symphony
    Also, what I especially like about book #2 is that it mentions unique theorists, rather than the usual, "Merton, Durkheim and Cohen" and will set your paper apart from the crowd!

    I wish you the best of luck, please don't stress yourself out further because it's so counter-productive if you need any help please do ask!

    (Oh wow, that's a lot of writing. Hope you found this helpful!)
  3. Simple Symphony
    ^ That's where this book comes in handy. Although the first is excellent, it is only 91 pages (including Theory and Methods, and excluding mocks and model answers). The large text book truly helped me gain a deeper understanding of theories and I think it would be a valuable source of information to you.
    So that you don't find yourself having to read through hundreds of chunky books at once, I'd suggest buying small post-it notes, write interesting facts/theorists and stick them onto the small, red revision guide.
    If you still find that you're feeling stressed, do not worry! This is going to sound absolutely crazy but do try to focus your time on just reading through the guide, again and again and again until you can picture each page in your mind. Instead of encouraging me to gain a thorough understanding of each theory, my Sociology teacher encouraged me to practice, practice, practice; we would sit in class and sit mock exams almost every lesson! To be frank, the mocks did nothing to help me; no practice in the world is going to save you if you haven't got the knowledge.

    Up until the very last second, I was just reading through book #1, again and again. Never once did I bother to do a mock and I feel this approach worked for me because I had all the knowledge under my belt, minus all the waffle that gradually develops from writing essays and essays. The examiners don't care whether you can write an elaborate, frilly paper and would rather you just impress them with your sound knowledge and show off how many theorists (and dates) you can recall to back up your points; mention as many theorists' names as you can! It will make your paper sound so much more accurate and interesting than the general, "Marxists believe X,Y, Z".
  4. Simple Symphony
    Hello, thank you very much!
    I cannot stress the importance of not feeling discouraged or disheartened by the level you feel you are at! Throughout my AS and A2 years, my teacher would give me C, D and E grades for my essays because this is the level he thought I was at; in fact I don't remember him ever grading my essay a B! But of course I ended up with 100% in 3 exams and 98% in my final one, so although you may feel as though you are not meeting your potential, teachers and examiners mark papers differently and sometimes what your teacher grades you does not reflect the level your paper is truly at; on a national scale.

    ^ This book was my bible. I really like the way there is absolutely no waffle, I merely memorized everything, page for page and highlighted each branch of sociology with a different colour which really helped me in the exam. On the most part, the books published by this author were the only source of knowledge I ever used throughout my A levels.

    Please don't panic and stress out just yet, you have a lot of time! By having to juggle my Biology and Chemistry coursework and exams, I really put Sociology aside until a month or so until the exam, but I was able to focus my revision and study efficiently too.

    I would say the most important thing you need to be successful in A level sociology is knowledge and a clear understanding of all of the theories, because one you have these under your belt, it will become very easy to pick each theory apart and to compare each theory with others.
  5. Hello i saw your post on the sociology thread, very well done to your marks on your exams
    Can you tell me please how you would recommend revising for the crime and deviance moduel please, or if you have any good notes avaliable to send me or anything please as i'm hugely struggling and anything would be greatly appreciated.

  6. Simple Symphony
    No, AhmedAli95, I am definitely not willing to send you my finalised piece of coursework. With 79 pages written over the coursd of 5 months, I worked long and hard to get my grade and I won't allow you to request something so silly of me. Finally, don't you know that plagiarism is unacceptable? Are you going to plaigarise your way through University too?

    The fact you've even asked me for my own piece of coursework 1 week before yours is due shows how unprepared you are. Step up to the plate Ahmed, you will get your A* through hard work and hard work alone.*Not only is it disrespectful to put me in such a position, but*Who in God's name are you?

    Don't message me again, attempting to justify yourself. If you wanted*help, advice*or even*assistance*you would have asked for it rather than asking me to email you something I spent months dedicating my time to.

    *Shame on you. Shame on you.
  7. Well done! do you mind emailing it to me ive got to hand in my first draft next week and i want an A/A* in it, so im keen to see how you set it out etc.
    And i had some trouble with the rate constasts so again id like to see what you did
    My email is
  8. hey im doing the same coursework as you did last year (the h202 one) what grade did you get?
  9. ..
  10. i meant hydrogen peroxide. u know it any way. thanks plz reply quickly cz i wanna finish it off today. thnx

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