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  1. ak137
    Ill be back soon.

  2. Skeen
  3. at least give me a name man
  4. nooooooooo, tell me man
  5. xxxxxx
  6. Well I got warned for 'Encouraging Illegial activities'. Funny thing is, the person I was "encouraging" was a mod, so it's probably her who warned me.

    Have you been banned before?

    Aint trying to be a bad boy. It's natural to me innit.

    Never been a sub. But yes I was writing in blue. I think it pissed people off.

    Your wall is mad AKs. You must be quite famous
  7. I 'attack' you more because people take you seriously and your views are more widespread than his crackpot ideas. Most people see a Martyn thread and just post pictures of people wearing tin-foil hats. A thread on Zionist control of Congress usually elicits a very heartfelt "mmmm, yes, they are a bit powerful aren't they".

    It was not an ad hom. It was a logical deduction. It ain't an ad hom if it's true.
  8. yes please do
  9. I criticise him a lot, you should pay more attention.

    Non-Jews can be Zionists, yes. Jews can be anti-Zionists, yes. I don't know where I said that Jews = Zionists. Perhaps you can quote me saying it?

    Also, "AIPAC has influence, yes, but the whole rhetoric of 'controlling Congress' and 'secretly pulling the strings' is steeped in ancient anti-Semitic motifs" =/= "You're an anti-Semite".

    You're setting up a straw-man. You are genuinely impervious to reasoned, structured debate.
  10. i really wanna know who u r ¬¬

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