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  1. Wahh da *** is tha cuz? Reply pronto, if ya know what I mean :chaplin:
  2. Oh really now? :rolleyes:
    ight, u son of a human
  3. Stalker much.
    Pussio at least reply to the mesg!
  4. Absolute lol. No one makes da big bucks on my patch

    Oh aye :rolleyes:
  5. Are you physically unable to reply after 7am?
  6. Thank you ak
  7. Hurry the fudge up bruv!
    **** this, I'm off. And come on later, afternoon/night.
  8. Sick brah, better late than never
    HER bio you fanny
  9. That's no fun :no: :console: :no:
  10. Obviously cuz. Wbu?
    And u know about the copter cas u read her bio, you titty.

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    A2 at the moment.
    Full time revision other than that, no job.
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    If you're nice to me, ill be nice to you Leave me a VM or PM, should you wish.

    :pal: Free Palestine :pal:

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