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  1. Actually I try and jump on Martyn on just about every thread he's on, especially the ones he creates. I also report him regularly when he goes on his rants about Jewish businessmen. The point I'm making is that there's not much difference in saying 'Jews control Congress' and saying 'Zionists control Congress'. AIPAC has influence, yes, but the whole rhetoric of 'controlling Congress' and 'secretly pulling the strings' is steeped in ancient anti-Semitic motifs.
  2. tell me
  3. Samee sameeeee..
    i just realised..your so've finished school :cry:
    what hve u been upto then? my school just had their prom on friday..apparently it was so crap xD

    Omg no it is not!! More like the question is how can you nott spend your day looking at picturess??! Its the one thing I lovee it's so did i not think of it myself

  4. There's a difference between being an anti-Semite and using anti-Semitic motifs to back up your anti-Zionist points.
  5. it means... what I said :| Ain't no subtext, mate
  6. hi akki :rolleyes:
  7. Oh sorry, of course anyone can comment, it's just that the way you said 'nay' made it seem like you were going to take part in the vote on the issue which only MPs can do. I presume when (if) the Green Party gets going you'll get your promotion.
  8. I don't make a habit of spreading my deets around this place
  9. Don't call me that.
  10. :hmmm: That is utter lies! I would not do such a thing :angelblush:

    If you want some interesting information about Zed, we agreed that he is the orange one getting humped by a dog: :hump2:

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