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  1. cheers nasser
  2. I've been avoiding the IPC thread for quite some time now. I put a decent post in a week ago about the new Israeli unity government but it probably went over most of their heads. ThisIsNew and I seem to be holding down the fort alone now, but the subject has certainly died down since the days of yore when I first arrived here. What I'm looking for are debaters who embrace the Palestinian cause but who do because they are anti-nationalists or so on, not because of buzzwords like 'apartheid' or 'ethnic cleansing' etc. etc. Sweyn Forkbeard used to be quite good for that.

    I'm only teasing, I turst Ha'aretz and consider them a valuable resource.
  3. Hope so.

    Last exam is wednesdayy..chem2 :/

  4. It wasn't completely sarcastic, I do like a bit of rivalry on here. Gives me a good excuse to continue my wine habit. It's a shame that JJHC and Cyhadride (or whatever he's called) couldn't identify a circular argument if they were walking around in a circle, and Organ is, well, Organ. I was discussing this a while back with someone on here (can't remember who) and they said that surprisingly few Marxists/left-wingers on TSR adopt the Palestinian cause. It's mainly the domain of religious agitators. There are only a few decent pro-Palestinian debaters going. Quite a shame, really.

    Yes, I've been to the Haaretz site. Gives me even more reason not to trust them now. Still, they beat the J'lem Post's layout.
  5. Nice to see you back, I was beginning to think the neo-Guevarian moment may have passed.
  6. w.salaam

    You're back :eek2: :eek3:

    i've got 3 exams left ..but the worst ones :'(

    Goodluckk to you tooooooooo x
  7. Good Good
  8. thanks

    oo Good luck how did that exam go ?
  9. wa salam

    im okay thanks yourself? yeh i know haha

    urm my last exam is on tuesday but atm im not feeling well its history aswell :cry2: and i need to do well in this exam, tried revising as much as a ican but feel so ill .. but inshallah hope im better by tommorow

    what about you ?
  10. Hey you

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