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  1. Oh really? Hope he's nice! :P
    Well, politics is the only one I study yeah but I love psychology and remain open-minded; a friend of mine said in his interview that he 'didn't really like psychology' and now he's considering specialising in it!!
    Bodes so well for the teaching

    Tell me about it, I'm both terrified and in awe...
    It's a great way of smiling whenever you feel like it
  2. Through the most innocent bit of stalking (i.e. we've both been communicating with the same Magdalene guy) I see you're PPS too! Am slowly building a group...
  3. Same - getting the offer had just made me more anxious about not meeting the offer (especially the A* bit!).

    Yeah, I'm intending to do politics. If I get in, I will probably do politics, psychology and sociology, with social anthropology (possibly) as my fourth module. My main interest in sociology though . Which 4 modules would you want to do then?
  4. Yeah, I guess that is the hard part! But it's the other way round for me, my family keep insisting that I starting working my socks off now so that I don't miss the grades - I don't think they realise just how hard it was to get to this stage. :P
    I've seen St Johns, it's beautiful! I'm assuming that your offer is the standard A*AA?
    Yup, it's nice to know someone else for PPS or at least someone who actually knows what PPS is, haha. No-one ever seems to know, or they often say "oh, is that like PPE?" D:
  5. Thanks & likewise! Magdalene, I think yours was..St Johns? (unfortunately I'm not psychic, haha. Stalking page ftw).
  6. Ooh, it's nice to find a fellow PPS offer-holder, there seem to be very few of us!

    (noticed you on the stalking page)
  7. Np, that thread starter seems to be a bit of a righteous knob, I get the principle of 'if you can afford more then you're in your right to' like at sainsburys i'd rather the nicer Victoria sponge cake. But I disagree that the wonderful NHS should be reduced to bargaining
  8. I really liked your post on the NHS privatization thread, well said.

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