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  1. I repped you
  2. It's so depressing because it's true. Thanks for the rep!
  3. What was that in aid of?!
  4. You iz bare piff famalan
  5. It's nice to see how tolerant he was behind that fierce demeanour.
  6. cambio wechsel
    I've got no idea. He was likely tolerant of it because an educated and intelligent man. Whether he participated I don't know.
  7. Thanks - I wonder whether you also know of any homosexual affair between FE and any other? I only ask because when I first encountered him my gay-dar was off the charts (pardon the crudeness).
  8. Of course, but does his answer then imply that the Judge had used a jiggolo? Do you think it suggests a tolerance of homosexuality on his part?
  9. I wonder if you might solve another riddle for me?

    Judge: Could you tell me, what do you think one ought to give a man who allows himself to be buggered?
    FE Smith: Oh, thirty shillings or two pounds; whatever you happen to have on you.

    Is FE mocking homosexuality here or mocking the Judge's view of it? Are 'shillings' and 'pounds' euphemisms for other things?
  10. Thanks for the rep.

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