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  1. Hi! I loved u r post in "Funny things your lecturers have said/done". LOL.
    How's life at uni? U seem to b havin fun wit given the post Bye!
  2. How goes it? Settled in nicely? (Would FB be easier? )
  3. *Poke*
  4. Eastwood
  5. Hey, i'm doing maths at bath too, where are you staying?
  6. Dang. I lost my raw mark due to not giving my essay sub-section headers (the 10 marker) and it being a bit long (11 pages, but that was still under 2000 words of pure essay, I had lots of diagrams and a big source analysis bit stuck on the end). Hope my teacher regrets that!

    Don't know, add. further maths (FP3/4, M3/4/5 and S3/4) Geology AS and A2, STEP I II II, AEA Maths, EPQ in physics and maybe a physics OU course in terms of academics. After that, just work for money, spend money on travels :woo: Definitely set on inter-railing around Europe now. Hopefully my application to Cambridge (King's) will be better portrayed after my A2 UMS. Ah well, this year is going to be fun. Just bought a new lens for my camera so I can document the year. My aim is to not waste a single day (although I undoubtedly will)
  7. Awesome, well done! Came out with an A* too and 298/300! I was ecstatic. Damn coursework :shakecane: Now starting my gap year. :woo:
  8. Been a while, thought I'd drop in and ask how physics went in the end? Hopefully the threads were beneficial I see you got into Bath, that's awesome!
  9. looooooooooooool your sig is jokes, the Bath logo with the trollface :rofl:rofl:

    nice one on getting into bath anyway, sadly I did not get my grades for uni so im gonna take a gap year and retake a couple of exams. 3 at max

    Got BBC i have done so horribly

    1 mark off an A in maths (sent my D1 paper for remarking, got 68 in that but i don't believe that at all, came out of that exam and even checked on here to see i got every question right apart from one)......... 4 marks off an A in chem, 8 marks off a B in bio
  10. Managed to meet the Bath offer so I'm here (there, technically - I'm at home now..) and just finished first year. I'm sure I'll get round to fixing my about me someday...

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  • About Contrad!ction.

    Where I study
    University of Bath
    Student/Wannabe maths teacher
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    About me
    I'm Steph. Maths weirdo, slight geek, fan of rubbish puns and immature innuendos.
    Academic Info
    Doing an MSc in Mathematical Sciences at Bath!

    A Levels:
    Maths A*
    Further Maths A*
    Physics A*

    AS Levels:
    Maths A
    Further Maths A
    Physics A
    Chemistry B

    BTEC Diploma in Public Services
    ........and a BTEC Certificate in Aviation Studies, whatever that is.

    I've got a Food Hygiene Level 2 thingy and I'm a First Aider as well.

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