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  1. Just noticed your top two Uni choices are exactly the same as mine were last year. Anyways, good luck with it all!
  2. Fair enough :p: I was surprised myself. I found a big portion of it to be really easy (hope that's not too good to be true :p: ) but a lot of it was weird as well :erm: Didn't really know what to say for 3/4 marks for some of the questions. Yeah, that question was really mean! :lol: Neutron Neutron :mmm:
    Well your exams are almost over, aren't they? :p: So you can procrastinate as much as you want

    oops, forgot to say, I don't actually have an offer yet :p: Didn't get any so going on a gap year.
  3. when did you become a mod?!!!!! lmao this is news to me.
  4. Oops, I COMPLETELY forgot to reply to this! So sorry I'm very forgetful hehe.
    Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one who hates generators :laugh: They are soooo annoying!!
    How's the revision going for Physics? :erm: I'm starting properly today. :s:
    Ah right, I thought you meant as in a graphic tablet :p: Not a smart tablet haha. The iPad is nice

    Thanks for that! Will look through it

    btw, where are you going for uni?
  5. Pure good luck :erm: :P:

    Well since you've been kind enough to offer, I HATE generators :p: :laugh: Any idea how to explain them simply? Also, awesome on the tablet!! Which one do you have? I've got a Wacom Intuos 4 medium

    Also, for the Advance Notice, what kind of questions do you think they'll ask? I have a feeling, it may go into the stress/strain chapter, defining them and what not so that's synoptic. I'd imagine simple harmonic motion to come up, but to be honest, I don't really get what the examiners want regarding those questions. Like I did DE as a maths module (and did well!) but I don't get this!
  6. Yeah. Nice one!! That's amazing! You deserve it though :yep:

    Bad :sad: I'm honestly scared that I may get a B in Physics overall :erm: Last year, my marks were: Unit 1: 68/90, Unit 2: 137/150 and Coursework 36/60 ( ) so I'm struggling at the moment.
  7. Hey, how did Phys Unit 4 go? I did a bit poor Only got 70 ums :erm: Resitting it :laugh:
  8. there isn't one! okay thanks, i was just wondering if maybe your college had made some questions or resources for people who were taking it, that maybe you could access somehow?
  9. i saw you had put up some possible questions about last years advanced notice article, has your school done any for the g492 article for this summer? or do you have any thoughts or ideas? i'm really worried about it, so any help would be much appreciated!
  10. C1 (Aiming for 100, got 80, last year), C2 (Aiming for 100, got 80, last year), C3 (Aiming for 90, Strangely find this harder then C4...), C4 (Aiming for 100, realistically will prob be 90)

    Buss3 (Same day as C3, I know it's just my luck )
    Buss4 (This gets even better, Same day as C4 )
    Still need to start revision on this

    BTW Congratz on getting mod, I don't think you were a mod 2 weeks ago, were you?

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    I'm Steph. Maths weirdo, slight geek, fan of rubbish puns and immature innuendos.
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    Doing an MSc in Mathematical Sciences at Bath!

    A Levels:
    Maths A*
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    Physics A*

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    Maths A
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    Physics A
    Chemistry B

    BTEC Diploma in Public Services
    ........and a BTEC Certificate in Aviation Studies, whatever that is.

    I've got a Food Hygiene Level 2 thingy and I'm a First Aider as well.

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