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  1. nm786
    yeah, i am,
    struggling on i and j vectors
  2. Vectors is annoying but it seems to click with me more than the other topics. I like proper, full-on algebraic maths , differentiation, integration etc

    Do you remember that question in our c3 paper about an equation x = 4tan(pi/12) or something along the lines and we had to find the normal? the gradient was -8.

    anyways i made a silly mistake, there was a similar question in the previous c3 papers which involved x=cos(2x) or something and you had to obtain dy/dx. i'll try and find you the question that was similair to the one we did!
  3. You finding C4 easier so far?

    I asked people from the year above and some said C4 is easier than C3 and vice versa....
  4. yeah im resitting C3 definetly. I feel im capable of an A* in maths, i just gotta cut out my stupid mistakes and drink loads of water to boost concentration levels
  5. lol setting the standards! you must have aced your jan exams. Due to my careless mistakes, i got 68 in C3 :rofl: usually in maths it's A's for me. highest ever ums was 94 in c1 and that's when my 'graph' went downhill....
  6. Cheers, you too!

    What's your Bath offer? I'm presuming it's an A* for one of the grades?

    I'm sure you'll get that in maths xD

    'Fifa taught me a lot about music' :rofl: !!!!! sameeee
  7. Yeah, unfortunately. I liked both unis but i took everything into account when making my decision. train tickets return to bath from london is 40 quid lmao and with UEA (norwich) to london is 10 quid return. i liked accommodation at both unis, but i liked norwich as a city (more shops etc) but my oh my bath is a beautiful city.......

    yeah it was from fifa 09/08, cant remember myself because it's been a while back xD. That was one of the best songs on fifa, although there are others
  8. :hugs:

    Yeah me too, I need to stop staying up so late all the time. :doh: Been pretty good thanks, very pleased on the whole. Done anything particularly awesome recently?

    So you had an epiphany about Bath then? Got any other tips for making a decision? Me so confused. :sadnod:
  9. Hello. :hi: Sorry, I only just realised you messaged me.

    I've been good thanks, on the whole I've been enjoying my first moments of adulthood. How have you been? I hope results day went well for you.

    Ugh. Universities. The more I think about it the harder it seems to be to decide where to go, I've tried talking it over with my parents but we didn't get very far. My Dad suggested I tried scoring the Unis but it all seems fairly arbitrary to me. I've still got time I guess but I'd like to get it sorted out sooner rather than later. Same goes with Student Finance which I haven't started yet. Ugh. :unimpressed: <- Best emoticon ever btw.

    Hopefully you've been finding it considerably easier to make a decision on Unis. I seem to be one of the few people I know not to have made the decision already.
  10. A clue?

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