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Ha ha, charade you are

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  1. So how long until you've caught up with me?

    Hey, I do a lot of things well. You chickened out of finding out though!
  2. Hmm, well it's no surprise that you have sex on the mind when talking to me...
    Well played on the pedant front. And in fairness it's officially over 24 hours that you haven't replied so one day is inaccurate. >.>

    My stalking is quite good. When I do something, I make sure I do my best at it!
  3. Hmm. You know, I really want to believe that,'re never that nice unless you're making excuses! I do wish your breaks didn't have to take a number of days though.

    Oooh, sounds nice. (I actually saw on your FB yesterday, but I'll pretend it's new to me for you!)
  4. I see.

    *Sniffs* You aren't helping me feel appreciated. Forgotten?! :cry2:
  5. My original message was a link...

    For a whole day?
  6. You could have just listed one thing! Also you're still terrible at texting. Just thought I'd point that one out.
  7. hey, popular, delete some PM's
  8. well you have plenty of time to make your mind up Contrad!ction and best of luck with it all ^_^
  9. Contrad!ction have u decided when u get all you offers which one of the universities you be firming? if u dont mind me asking you ^_^ I myself would like to get all four choices to be offers but just one would be enough for me lol

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  • About Contrad!ction.

    Where I study
    University of Bath
    Student/Wannabe maths teacher
    Star Sign
    About me
    I'm Steph. Maths weirdo, slight geek, fan of rubbish puns and immature innuendos.
    Academic Info
    Doing an MSc in Mathematical Sciences at Bath!

    A Levels:
    Maths A*
    Further Maths A*
    Physics A*

    AS Levels:
    Maths A
    Further Maths A
    Physics A
    Chemistry B

    BTEC Diploma in Public Services
    ........and a BTEC Certificate in Aviation Studies, whatever that is.

    I've got a Food Hygiene Level 2 thingy and I'm a First Aider as well.

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