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  1. Cheers for the rep
  2. Thanks a lot for your advice and encouragement. Yeah, you are right. I should consider this 3 month time as the most important time of my uni life and as the chance that I can prove myself that I can do it. I have got some essays coming and cant wait to apply your tips. Have you got a job now?
  3. Hi, I saw your post on the forum and know that you got 80% in your final year. Congratulation! That is brilliant. I am actually struggle with my final year. I did not perform so well in my second year. I got 60% which counts 40% so need about 80% in my final year to achieve my 1st goal. Actually my course is half writing and half calculation. I am quite confident with the calculation part but I am so worried about essays and written exams. I feel like It is not possible. I also suffer from the final year blue and the fact that there are about 3 months left of my uni life. Do you have any advice. Thanks
  4. Thank for giving me that info. Sorry for my late reply, it never told me I had a message in my inbox! Okay, it sounds alright. Just a bit annoying that we haven't been given a timetable yet. Is there any books or anything you would personally recommend?
    Thanks again
  5. Hi,
    I know this is kinda random and I think I have messaged you before when I was starting uni but I wondered if you could give me a bit of info about 2nd year on the education studies course. Was just curious as to like how often you go in, the work, tutors etc anything really would be helpful. I'd really appreciate it, thank you x
  6. Picture proof please haha
  7. Yeah that always true, just hope i'm living with people I get on with. Yeah thats a good idea actually, then I can get a bit of unpacking doen before everyones there, would hate to be last there! I'm sure i'll be popping over to de hav now and again, may join the gym or be nosey:-) ahh I am excitedd, just know the nerves will kick in very very soon! Just really dont know what to expect, its all so new!! okk i look forward to it
  8. Yeah will do, maybe its good to be hidden away! might be quieter when i need to do work or something!! Did you just go round peoples rooms on the first day or just settle in, put your stuff away first etc? Ahh I see, cos been talking to a few people in fern hall, but we didnt know how close we were to each other! Yeah I heard about the E block too! ohh really? I thought psychology was on college lane! Are there lecture halls? cos i only saw a little one when i came on the open day for psychology! is there a bigger one? hahaa yess maybe I will! and no worries will have a butchers under the table!!
  9. Oh bum! Trust me! ahh well i'll just stalk all the other rooms haha wowwee im glad theres lots of people! how many flats are in our block? cos lots of people are saying differently to the little picture in the accommodation booklet.. so confusing! and thats pretty cool! i'm doing psychology! eek pretty excited now, bit nervous though but I guess thats normal! haha promise!! why the hell is that there
  10. :lol: Well, if you're a good boy I might show you a picture

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