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  1. Hi! I have firmed Bham for TPAM! I wonder if you could give some feedback. Thanks
  2. Results day group, join up

    Congrats on getting into Brum btw :sexface:
  3. Good luck to you too man let me know how it goes
  4. Do you know any useful websites for Accounting or have any notes I can use right now?

  5. I have my uni exams in May so I can start revising for those in Feb whilst taking a few hours a week learning Accounting, I think I can manage but like I said I'll see how I get on with AS first then decide if I want to take it to A2.
  6. Okay thanks you helped me a lot
    I heard David Cox's AS Accounting book is a lot of help and it has good reviews on Amazon I might get that instead. But I think I'll learn all of AS first and if I still have time I'll learn A2. But right now, my mind is just on results day I'd be doing an A-level whilst at uni haha
  7. Great I'm also doing the AQA board as well I would just like to know what is the best advice you can give to someone self teaching Accounting and get a high grade as I can see you got an A (Congrats btw) and also if you have any notes and revision techniques would be great.


    My name is Ethan btw.
  8. I see you support Man U Woo

    Anyway I'm looking for advice to do A-level Accounting I was wondering can you help me?
  9. Im quietly confident yeah because of my past modules i didnt really need to get that many UMS to get a A yeah physics at unis gunna be awesome :P well good luck with the exam im sure you'll do great let me know on the results day and im sure that ill be seeing you in a few months time
  10. Tbh we didnt do much of it. Pretty much if it moves really fats time slows down and things get shorter and mass increases thats it :P looking forward to actually learning interesting physics at uni how do you think its looking on the birmingham offer?

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    My GCSE Failings: A*AABCCCD

    Maths - A*
    Accounting - A
    Physics - A
    Further Maths - B
    ICT - D

    (A in both IT projects.. the theory modules are just a crock o' sh*t! Don't care for it.. )
    Astronomy, Sci-fi, Football, Pool, Music, Comedy, etc etc.

    Hope to be trying out a few new sports at Uni

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