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  1. Sorry! I was just randomly scrolling and managed to neg your post by mistake Will write myself a reminder to rep you again when I can :cool:
  2. HAHAHA thanks for the joke!
  3. Hello, I am really confused with a particular aspect of integration. If you could help I would be very grateful, thanks.

    You know when we do substitution and get everything in terms of 'u'... in the original question we have got the limits in terms of x and then need to find the corresponding u values, right?

    But what I do not get is, what do we do when the corresponding 'u' values could take TWO values each instead of ONE.

    For example, in this question that I am doing doing now, since there is a sqrt and hence the upper limit could technically be 6 or 2 and the bottom limit could technically be 5 or 3 . Which do we choose as our limits , in such a situation?
  4. Hi, is there any chance you could help me with the 2nd part please

    In how many ways can a committee of four men and four women be seated in a row if
    a) they can sit in any positions - which is 8!
    b) no one is seated next to a person of the same sex? < I dont get this?
  5. wwats tailiand like?
  6. hello u a teacher in a different country or here in the england? thanks
  7. ok cool thanks!
  8. hello there...pls can u add me as frnd ? u doing ur a levels currently?>
  9. are you able to complete those questions? thanks
  10. Same, I'm British (from London). I grew up in Trinidad though (between 7-14).

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