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  1. No one touches the cat :no:
  2. Sure okay.
  3. your display pic is wonderful.

    i jump every time thinking its biting meeee oooh.
  4. you're welcome (if you send me the high res version)
  5. ur fit m8
  6. Well screwwwwwwwwwww youuuuuuuuuu.
  7. Is that you in the profile pic and if so can you send me the higher res version?
  8. ta for teh rep
  9. Does that come with your craziness or is it a just an unrelated personal trait?
  10. I think it's flattering that you still seem to remember me so well after all these years.

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    Charlie cat
    Where I study
    I don't have a degree (OMG LOLWUT)
    Individual Empowerment Administrator
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    About me
    MMMMMM Cam whore pic in regulation fat girl pose...

    I am a 26 year old living in Bristol. I like horses, pirates, and being an angry red head. I have an inflated sense of self importance. I am curvy (apparently cello shaped so its a bugger to find anything that makes me look hot) and a good mate to those who deserve it. I am aggressive, volatile, stressed out but at the same time charming, witty and a hoot when filled with Gin and Cider.

    I take great delight in watching day time tv, especially the likes of The Jeremy Kyle Show and Trisha. It makes me feel better that there's bigger white trash out there then me...

    I like to cook and bake, i like to draw things on other things. Usually napkins in restaurants. I like burlesque and vintage hair do's. I like to counteract this by adorning my face and body with unusual piercings and lovely tattoos. I like anything made with fur, feather or bone and i make no excuses for that. I like to make slap dash decisions based on spare of the moments and putting holes in my face. I like inappropriate jokes about cancer and AIDS and i love to watch [adult swim] at stupid o'clock in the morning. I put too much garlic in everything.

    I like wearing tea dresses and pencil skirts as they flatter my bottom and i fall in and out of love too quickly. I am a sarcastic cow but if you actually take the time to get to know me i'm a soppy thing with a big heart and even bigger bosoms.
    Academic Info
    An added note, people seem to have judged me because i had a crappy low paid job and no degree. Oh the big bad world is going to be a scary place if you graduate with that attitude.

    You do not need to go to university to be happy and you do not need a high status job to be whole. Do not be frightened to go against the grain and work to live, fill your life with beautiful things and people.

    Thanks :awesome:
    Trigger - You really are fat. You don't pull it off at all. Also, why are you so irritating? Its like you have constant periods and are annoyed your fat lesbian girlfriend won't go down on you because of it. Just get off the internet and hang yourself. I will buy the rope kay?
    You will not die alone.
    The nicest girl you will ever find will not have a scary hairdo. She will not be afraid to smile with all the muscles in her face, until the corners of eyes crinkle. She will not look like any girl on a reality TV show. She will not be wearing the highest heels or wearing the latest trends. She will be eating garlicky pasta with gusto, not caring about getting fat or smelling awful. She does not have anything to hide, she is proud of her achievements, failures, fears and dreams. She will look at you right in the eyes and through hers you will be able to tell her story.

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