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  1. I knw so glad its over!! No it wasnt a design q for research methods but it was standardised procedure. I dnt have a clue what came up for media as i dnt do the topic so i didnt look at the topic.
  2. The exam was okay. For schizophrenia outline and evaluate biological explanations of schizophrenia and research methods was okay but could have been better because, there were like 3 qs about content analysis which i didn't revise. Overall the exam was alright but idk if I did well enuf tbh.
  3. Thankyou soo much for the advice and tips I really appreciate it. I will let you know how it goes 2mrw. No one gives me as much advice as you did they but like idk how I passed that exam. Just hope the examiners are kind and the questions are not too difficult. I better go off this and revise. Speak to you later x
  4. Thanks for the advice I feel a little bit relieved now
  5. Aww I wish I was in that position. Lol I need the luck absolutely dreading 2mrw
  6. Hey, haven't received those media notes, do you mind resending them? Thanks so much again
  7. Hey my email is Thank youuu
  8. Hey don't worry about the schizophrenia notes I got them from a friend of mine x
  9. Hey Thanks for offering to give me the notes. I'm new to this website, if I give you my email, will just you be able to see it, or will other people as well? Is there another way to post it? Andd, of course I'll give you rep And (this may be a real new person question but..) any particular post ?
    And, just to show rubbish I am on this website, I initially posted this to myself by accident...
  10. I knw aint spoken to you for a very long time. I didnt really come on here much because i had lots of ICT coursework to do and that finished in May. Aww thats good u done well in the exam a C is a decent grade. What grades do you need for uni? Erm my exams are all done the only one i got left is psychology unit 4 which im absolutely dreading! I really appreciate you helping me sorry for bothering you. Lol i don't know how to use my scanner either the only person that knows how to use it is my brother and he doesn't even do it for me and if he does thats cos I ask him soo many times!

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