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  1. Love the pic in your sig, one of my favourite quotes of all time
  2. I think it's a great idea. Critical thinking is very important these days when there's so much information around, because you don't know which sources you can trust. Religion preys on a lack of it, and it's so important to live in a secular society when you have people using their religious beliefs to inform their opinions of public policy. Bush thought God wanted him to go to war in Iraq. It's crazy.
  3. "It is my belief that most religious people are still believers because they have never questioned their beliefs."

    I think you're right - it's the only reason I escaped the religion I was raised in. People too often assume that their family's religion must be the right one, but the very existence of other religions with proponents equally as devout raises too much doubt for it not to be investigated I think.
  4. Musically, Unmatched, he also had a lot of songs which he tried to reach out to his community, to his fanbase often aking them to look at ther lives, thier cultures and reconisge the need to change.


    The negative vibeand the dark shadow he brought to hip-hop in and around his death, as well as his some of his antics makes him an unsutible rold model.
  5. Everything off All Eyez on me and me against the world.
  6. 'But what im saying is your religion doesnt have a big effect on your future.' That's what I wanted to hear. As long as my religion doesn't limit my potential of having an amazing life, I don't need to worry about it.


    The only one from that list who's not a devoted Christian is Steve Jobs. A very spiritual person by the way - he believes in karma and reincarnation. How BS is that?
  7. So even with the 'BS common sense' you suggest I have, I can still have a life as great as any of those people. That's pretty much what matters to me. They share a very similar 'BS common sense'.
  8. If that's gonna make me like any of these or Steve Jobs, CS Lewis, Ronald Reagan, Will Smith, Sam Walton, Martin Luther King Jr, Og Mandino, Conrad Hilton, etc then I wouldn't mind at all.
    Seeing the messages below, you're not doing very well either, are you?
  9. LOL. troll
  10. I think you're making that up..

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