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  2. On your flag I bet you most, if not all the Italian flags counts are me... stalking you.
  3. Milky Milk
    I just have to make this clear first.

    I meant to say 'off a cliff' and not 'of a cliff' .. I feel so ashamed :facepalm:
  4. I've just seen your post about 2nd thoughts on uni and i'm in a similar situation! Glad to know i'm not the only one! Have you applied and thinking about deferring a year?
  5. Its Manchester taken from one of the Uni buildings.

    Not my photo though I just love photography, love Manchester so thought it was sig worthy :P
  6. Naww you should have negged me tbh. Neg for a Neg. :nopity:

    Makes me feel even worse! Not really good with the ladis are you?

  7. :pierre: Don't say that, you're making me feel really bad now.
  8. So sorry, I accidently negged you on the Woman shield post thing. Will rep asap
  9. Hey mate just noticed you whilst looking on a bike post, just like to ask do you own all four of the bikes in your pictures? I also love the lapierre, always wanted one but with no intention of being a pro i couldn't justify it :P.
  10. I don't like the fact I go on your page so much, it makes the Italian flag counter go up.
    Hello stalker.

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    Mountain biker, fitness and biking instructor and lifeguard.
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    About me
    I was bored of the old 'about me' section, so here's a new one.

    I'm Jamie, I live in Cumbria and I'm a mountain bike and fitness instructor and have major ambitions for travel.

    I enjoy meeting new people so if you fancy a chat, feel free to send me a PM; or if you have any questions about cycling, languages, military history, politics, car/bike maintenance or anything else, really, I'll try and help as best as possible.

    But yeah, feel free to PM. Drop by and say hi.

    Academic Info

    Mine are just awful.
    Biking - Namely downhill biking.

    Music! Absolutely love music! Have to have music on pretty much all the time. So many favorite songs, but I like a song from at least every genre. :p:

    The current love of my life? Well...


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