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    awww hahahaha wel thats good you have a good skill... i cant argue i give up to easily lol
  2. hahah yeh i knoww lol : im not THAT badd

    :lol::lol: i dont bother with those sort of people lol
  3. lol hmm

    urmm yehh lol but my dads trying to keep me in the car park realy driving starts next week wbu?
  4. lol hmmmm im not sure about that

    lol nah its coool
  5. LOL oh so your not this nice ?
  6. ahh im so clever lol
  7. yupp lol you sure are

    urmm Omar ?
  8. LOL :clap2: im glad somone has brains around here lol .. most people take agessss to guess :rolleyes:

    whats your name ?
  9. lool yeh dont all parents want kids to beccome docs jeez lol .. hha good one :cool:
    yeh i failed my science gcse's and today my mum was like .. 'you should do biology alevel ' after me telling 1000 times i hate science but yeh my parents want me to do what i want lol

    LOL i knowwww haha
  10. lol .. oh right haha eurgh physics

    urm starting yr12 doing english,history,business and media iA

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