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  1. Just had my hair all chopped off, really pleased with it.

    Otherwise, not too bad :hugs:
  2. :hugs:

    How are you hun?
  3. outworn
    Sat in a waiting room this morning and my ipod must have been kinda loud, the woman next to me (about 60) was like, "REGINA SPEKTOR, OMG!" so I shared my headphones with her and we listed to the live in london album together It was adorable and lovely. I was thinking of you :suith:

    Miss you xx
  4. outworn
    blah i'll be alright, i actually wanna get better for once

    just hard
  5. outworn
    i cant promise that

    rock bottom now
  6. outworn
  7. outworn
    well you know how it feels though x
  8. outworn
    Yeah same here

    I ate quite a bit yesterday, I'm not today or next couple of days I dunno. My birthday is on saturday so I'm gonna try to start then and keep it up, new start x
  9. outworn
    Yeah ive been in and out of hospital quite a bit, had a few things fixed up with my lungs and heart and stuff, s'all good now

    eat for me :puppyeyes: ive been starving for quite a while, i stopped like a couple of days ago and it's been going okayish i guess, just promise me you'll try hard okay because i'm trying toooo

    i miss you xx
  10. outworn

    meh not much, been ill and stuff. My social anxiety is not good :sad:
    Haven't been eating that well either :ashamed:
    Starting to get better though

    How are you? Iz you okay?
    How's uni x

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