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  1. Your inbox is full.

    Not sure what your computer access is like now but tehFrance has opted to resign as an MP and thus we shall be having an MP election.

    You were great so if you wish to come back i will be happy to endorse you.

  2. with a name like masterninja m8 i thought amongst ur interests u would have also studied martial arts m8 hehe but how are u m8? ^_^
  3. Im feeling we should step the hyp up a notch, what do you say ?
  4. Hey no fair, no superpowers!!
    aye the hyps are always fun always seem to end the same way though, china, russia and america coming in and squashing everyone
    Thankyou, you too!
  5. This Hyp is getting rather fun i must say
  6. No probs
  7. Repped
  8. Hey, seen you haven't been on in a while but it's worth a try ...
    Basically, I'm looking to firm Leeds for defered entry for 2013 and just wanted a second opinion really...What are the people like? I've heard it's 'rah central', which makes me feel pretty cheated as I had the impression it was quite a down to earth redbrick The social scene? What accomodation did you choose? Cheers if you can help!

About Me

  • About misterxninja

    Troy Hill
    Where I study
    Samurai School, actually University of Leeds
    Leeds Liberal Youth
    Tree Orientated
    Star Sign
    About me
    The Study Bit
    I attend Leeds University reading a BA in politics, its more exiciting than it sounds, you get to argue all day long W00t!

    Volunteer Section
    I' am an active member of the Liberal Democrats and volunteer my time to my MP in Leeds North West, you know credentials and all are important.

    TSR Part
    I like to help applicants to Leeds University with all types of questions from accomodation to entertainment, but im very bold and honest about things here in Leeds.

    The Red, White and Blue with the Star portion
    I support the Washington Redskins an American Football team who play in the NFL in the USA. I highly recommend you come watch a game on the tv with me, its deadly exciting and very team spirited, with a big focus on tactics. Have to trust me on this one

    Japanese Infatuation
    I love early Japanese History with the Daimyo era in Japan being my favourite and the build up to Sekigahara. I love culture and understanding the differences and similarities we all share as humans, particularly marvelled by the Japanese culture before it modernised. What can I say as a child I was obsessed with Samurai and Ninjas, who wouldn't be though. :wtf:

    Im also a sucker for modern Japan and have visited Osaka, Hiroshima, Kyoto and my favourite paradise in the world miyajima island, where I stayed at a Ryokan (Traditional Japanese Inn, with full tatami floors). I have decided this is where I want my honeymoon or even marriage to take place on such a spiritual tranquil island amongst the Shinto Shrines and Buddhist Temples.
    Academic Info
    Averaging at a 2:1 in Politics.
    American Football - NFL
    Indie and Metal Music
    Middle East
    International Relations
    Novels with historic setting
    Current Affairs
    Political Parties
    Cultural Experiences
    Travel - Japan, USA, Canada, Middle East

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