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  1. ohh sorry

    cant afford what ? nutella or dinner ?
  2. haha oh rightt

    why forget it ? urmm yeh why not ??
  3. awww how is it possible ?

    oh. forget that.. thought it would be a nice candle light dinner jk
  4. awww arent you nice i dont know if your just being really nice or just saying it cause you know it wont happen

    what would you cook me though ?
  5. urm post 1st class !
    naah cant be bothered
  6. inshallah im just praying
    hmmm doesnt have to be computer :rolleyes: :lol: jk
    OMGGG im hungry now
  7. lol... doesnt everyone urmm hes got very high tempreture, vomiting , headache and thats it i think
    oo cool.. why cant you share ? im craving pizza esp pizza with mozerella cheese and prawns yumm
  8. lol well your stil young and dont have any responsibilities yet when people r ill they day the worst things
    aww good to hear lol
  9. urm how if he dies and **** ! awww wel hope ur having fun with that

  10. not much just sitting with dad, hes not well and is talking all sort of crap
    what about you ?

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