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  1. cambio wechsel
    if you are bothered, remind me to rep you for your analysis (with pictures) of design flaws in the Scandinavian housing project. I laughed myself silly but am presently out of rep.
  2. Thanks for the advice I have filled it in and just need to pain it now. Have to find the exact paint colour, and hope it wont be too expensive now.
  3. Hi, here's the picture of the rip off. Do you think it might cost a lot if i ask someone to repair it? Thanks.
  4. Hi. have you studied at derby? whats your impression of Derby? and finally is derby a top uni or a not so popular choice anymore?
  5. Thanks for posting me that very informative and interesting article
  6. loool @the mosque in blackburn, gota admit my first thoughts were a hot-air balloon :lolwut:
  7. Joinedup
    Greetings - everyone wants to be my friend this last couple of days... well you and someone else anyway.
  8. Hey, my empty friends list didn't look good, so I decided to add some friends, .
    Only one has accepted so far, lol...hehe.

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