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  1. aww sorry bbs maybe another time
  2. oh here sucks lool ...

    inshallah ul do well too

    oi oi we didnt cheat ...haha maybe il see u in the world cup lol
  3. nah man im revising :rofl: sorry
  4. lol well go upto bed then
  5. my exam was actually pretty good...i was scared bout english lit...but omdz physics unit 2 i hated it!!
    im in qatar...fiffaaa >.....yup its 1am but i dunno aint that sleepy might sleep at 2....

    what u up 2?
  6. well when u sent me that....i was in an english exam lool

    now im at home super tired went to some paki party thing at some restaurant lool ...

    how was ur revision whilst watching britasia ?
  7. It's well yumm
  8. aww good good .. i just had my dessert YUMM
  9. nahh i cool bbs thanks for offering :love:
  10. hahahahahaaahaaaaa

    no .

    Yeh if you want, just emphaises the point that your a kid sooo gwaan do it .

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